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An installable content type for WoW characters

Project description

Change history


0.1 (09-03-10)

  • Initial release

0.2 (09-03-10)

  • Fixed a typo in wowcharacter.css

  • Updated the wowrealmstatus images

0.3 (09-06-10)

  • Added generic deDE i18n (locales/de/LC_MESSAGES/collective.wowcharacter.po)

0.4 (09-10-10)

  • ( Modified armory-API to fetch additional info (arenateams, glyphs, secondary professions)

  • ( Added char_arena_teams(), char_glyphs(), char_secondary_professions(), char_activity() and char_activity_feed()

  • ( Display additional info from the APIs, added numerated headings

  • (wowcharacter.css) Added opacity to equip-icons (standard: 0.3, hover: 1.0)

  • Updated deDE i18n

  • Added activity-API to fetch recent activities of the character from the armory

  • Added unittest for activity-API (tests/

0.5 (09-16-10)

  • Fixed a typo in the unittest

  • ( Added armory_error(), returns false if the API gets no data (due to misspelling name/server and/or unavailability of the armory)

  • ( Added a condition using armory_error() (aka Exception Handling)

  • (, Modified, if plonesitelanguage=en -> en_GB XML, if plonesitelanguage=de -> de_DE XML for better i18n

  • Updated armory_api, activity_api and realmstatus_api to newest version

  • Updated tests

Detailed Documentation


The package is meant to be used with the Plone3 theme collective.wowlichking, but it is not required.

Best viewed with Mozilla Firefox.

It includes a custom contenttype (wowcharacter), a custom view (@@wowcharacter) and a custom portlet (realmstatus).


The contenttype represents a World of Warcraft character. When creating one, you need to state the Name and Realm of the character, also its faction (Horde/Alliance) and its zone (EU/US).


The view uses two APIs to communicate with the WoW-Armory to display additional information about the character, like class, guild, talent specs, professions, equip, recent activities etc. It also implements the wowhead-Tooltip for showing a WoW-ingame-like tooltip when hovering over the equip-icons.


The portlet uses an API to fetch the realmstatus-xml from to display the status of the realm of the actual character. It also displays the name and the type of the realm.


Marc Goetz, Author


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