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The :mod:`colortools` defines a :cls:`Color` object that can be used to
represent and manipulate colors in various contexts. It was created with the
:mod:`FGAme` game engine, but it can also be used in other contexts such as
arts and web applications.

Colors can be initialized from the RGB/RGBA components, in which each component
is in the 0-255 range.

>>> w1 = Color(255, 255, 255)
>>> w2 = Color(255, 255, 255, 255)
>>> w1 == w2

The constructor also accepts color names, hex strings or hex numbers.

>>> Color('white') == Color('#FFF') == Color(0xffffff) == Color(255, 255, 255)

All names in CSS3.0 are accepted (see the complete list `here<>`).
It is worth noting that although the *G* in RGB stands for green, the color
with a full green value is called *lime*, while "green" is **#008000** rather than

Usage and API

Color objects are immutable and behave like a tuple of 4 values.

>>> list(Color('green'))
[0, 80, 0, 255]

It also exposes several different representations of a color using the
appropriate attribute.

>>> blue = Color('blue')
>>> blue.rbg
(255, 0, 0)

>>> blue.rgbf
(1.0, 0.0, 0.0)

>>> blue.rgbu

Color objects also implement a few useful transformations

>>> blue.darken(0.1) # darken by 10%
Color(229, 0, 0)

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