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converts and manipulates various color representation (HSL, RVB, web, X11, ...)

Project description

Converts and manipulates common color representation (RGB, HSV, web, …)


  • Damn simple and pythonic way to manipulate color representation (see examples below)

  • Full conversion between RGB, HSV, 6-digit hex, 3-digit hex, human color

  • One object (Color) or bunch of single purpose function (rgb2hex, hsl2rgb …)

  • web format that use the smallest representation between 6-digit, 3-digit, fully spelled color, that is compatible with CSS or HTML color specifications.

  • smooth intuitive color scale generation choosing N color gradients.


You don’t need to download the GIT version of the code as colour is available on the PyPI. So you should be able to run:

pip install colour


To get complete demo of each function, please read the source code which is heavily documented and provide a lot of examples in doctest format.

Here is a reduced sample of a common usage scenario:


Let’s create blue color:

>>> from colour import Color
>>> c = Color("blue")
>>> c
<Color blue>

Please note that all these are equivalent examples to create the red color:

Color("red")           ## human, web compatible representation
Color(red=1)           ## default amount of blue and green is 0.0
Color("blue", hue=0)   ## hue of blue is 0.66, hue of red is 0.0
Color("#f00")          ## standard 3 hex digit web compatible representation
Color("#ff0000")       ## standrad 6 hex digit web compatible representation
Color(hue=0, saturation=1, luminance=0.5)
Color(hsl=(0, 1, 0.5)) ## full 3-uple HSL specification
Color(rgb=(1, 0, 0))   ## full 3-uple RGB specification
Color(Color("red"))    ## recursion doesn't break object

Reading values

Several representation are accessible:

>>> c.hex
>>> c.hsl  # doctest: +ELLIPSIS
(0.66..., 1.0, 0.5)
>>> c.rgb
(0.0, 0.0, 1.0)

And their different parts are also independantly accessible, as the different amount of red, blue, green, of the RGB format:


Or the hue, saturation and luminance of the HSL representation.

>>> c.hue  # doctest: +ELLIPSIS
>>> c.saturation
>>> c.luminance

Modifying color objects

All these property are read/write, so let’s add some red to this color:

>>> = 1
>>> c
<Color magenta>

We might want to de-saturate this color:

>>> c.saturation = 0.5
>>> c
<Color #bf40bf>

And of course, the string convertion will give the web representation which is human, or 3-digit, or 6-digit hex representation depending which is usable:

>>> print "%s" % c

>>> c.luminance = 1
>>> print "%s" % c

Ranges of colors

You can get some color scale of variation between two Color objects quite easily. Here, is the color scale of the rainbow between red and blue:

>>> red = Color("red")
>>> blue = Color("blue")
>>> list(red.range_to(blue, 5))
[<Color red>, <Color yellow>, <Color green>, <Color cyan>, <Color blue>]

Or the different amount of gray between black and white:

>>> black = Color("black")
>>> white = Color("white")
>>> list(black.range_to(white, 6))
[<Color black>, <Color #333>, <Color #666>, <Color #999>, <Color #ccc>, <Color white>]

If you have to create graphical representation with color scale between red and green:

>>> green = Color("green")
>>> list(red.range_to(green, 5))
[<Color red>, <Color #ff7f00>, <Color yellow>, <Color chartreuse>, <Color green>]

Notice how naturally, the yellow is displayed in human format and in the middle of the scale. And that the quite unusual (but compatible) ‘chartreuse’ color specification has been used in place of the hexadecimal representation.


0.0.3 (2013-06-19)


  • Colour is now compatible with python3. [Ryan Leckey]


  • ANSI 16-color and 256-color escape sequence generation

  • YUV, HSV, CMYK support

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