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A simple and high-performance framework for create concurrent program

Project description

comb , A simple and high-performance framework for create parallel program

Upgrade notes

  • Version 0.9.x
    • Add --no-daemon option.

    • User interrupt directly when user specific --debug option.

    • change --sleep data type to float in python3.

    • update document

    • improve file

    • support safety user interrupt.

    • support python3

    • Add --once option. execute once and exit instead of wait.

    • As of Comb 0.8.99, we change --sleep_max option to --sleep-max.

    • change comb script install path,use python library path instead /usr/local/bin


Automatic installation:

pip install comb

comb is listed in PyPI and can be installed with pip or easy_install. it includes demo applications.

Manual installation: Download the latest source from Github.

git clone
cd comb
python build
sudo python install

The comb source code is hosted on GitHub.

Prerequisites: comb was only test on Python 2.7. It may be runs on all Python versions.

How to use

To use comb, you should create a python module file. we named slot.

A legal slot must be named ‘Slot’ in your module file and it must be at least contain four method:

  • initialize

    initial resource, e.g: database handle

  • __enter__

    get next data to do,you can fetch one or more data.

  • slot

    user custom code

  • __exit__

    when slot finished, call this method

Slot Demo


Execute a comb is very simple. just execute:

comb --root SLOT_ROOT_PATH  slot-package.slot-module

if you set SLOTPATH environment, you can use:

comb slot-package.slot-module

Quick View. call:

comb   comb.demo.list

this will execute the Deal List Demo

Note for production deployment

  • You’d better make comb process number equals your cpu core number.

  • We strongly recommend you use comb with supervisor

Project details

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Source Distribution

comb-0.9.10.tar.gz (13.8 kB view hashes)

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