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A small example package

Project description


This is a Python3 pip package that uses ffmpeg to render videos using an image and audio file as inputs.

Tutorial Video:

Example video rendered using this package:


  • Make sure you have ffmpeg installed on your command line, ensure ffmpeg is downloaded by running the command:

    ffmpeg Which should give you an output with info on the version of ffmpeg installed.

  • Download the commandLineMusicVideo package with this command: pip install commandLineMusicVideo

  • Run the installed package with python3 -m commandLineMusicVideo -h -t to view the help page and test your ffmpeg.


Rendering individual videos and a full album video for a folder.

python3 -m commandLineMusicVideo -songs "../../../Infernal Love/Violet Eves - Promenade [1988, IRA]/" mp3 "front.jpg" -fullAlbum -removeFirst 19

This command will get 'front.jpg' and all the mp3 files located in the specified folder: step1

The -removeFirst 19 tag will format the individual song output filenames based on their input filename, for example, the filename Violet Eves - 04 - Fiaba di Sale after having its first 19 chars removed, would be: Fiaba di Sale

After running the full commandLineMusicVideo command, the folder output (with all the individual songs AND the fullAlbum) will look like this: step1

The output videos will keep the image's aspect ratio. step1


-h Display help.

-test Test your ffmpeg.

-songs "folderFilepath/" "audioFormat" "imageName.jpeg" Render each audioFormat file in the folderFilepath, using the imageName also found in the folderFilepath.

-fullAlbum Render full album with these songs as well.

-fullAlbumOnly Only render the full album.

-outputResolution 1920:1080 Set output resolution for video.

  • Output Filename Formatting Flags:

-removeFirst # Remove first # chars from song filename for output filename.

-removeUpTo "-" Remove everything up to and including the first instance of this char.

-removeAfter "-" Remove everything after and including this char.

-titleize Capitalize first letter of each word of output filename')

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