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Manage and maintain your user's scripts and tools

Project description

Manage and maintain your user’s scripts and tools


From pypi:

$ pip install commodore

… or from the project root directory:

$ python install

Then run commodore from the command line to create the required configuration and binary directory, and define your desired editor.


Create a new script:

$ commodore create helloworld

Edit your script, including the shebang line:

#!/usr/bin/env python
print('Hello world!')

Then run it!:

$ helloworld
Hello world!

List your scripts:

$ commodore list

Edit an existing script:

$ commodore edit helloworld

And finally, delete it:

$ commodore delete helloworld

Use –help/-h to view info on the arguments:

$ commodore --help
usage: commodore [-h] {create,list,edit,delete} ...

positional arguments:

  optional arguments:
    -h, --help            show this help message and exit

You can manually check the history of created, edited and deleted scripts by navigating to the commodore binary directory (default ~/.commodore/bin) and using git commands to see changelogs. Every create, edit and delete will be tracked as a git commit.

You can also run git commands via commodore:

$ commodore git 'log -p'
$ commodore git 'remote add origin ssh://'
$ commodore git 'push -u origin master'

Release Notes

  • Fix bug where file might disappear while editing causing a crash. Alerts user.

  • Now works with gvim if --nofork is passed


Support EDITOR command line args (eg. emacs -t)


Add git command


Updated README and notes on usage


commodore create, edit, delete works


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