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Compal CH7465LG/Ziggo Connect Box client

Project description

Compal CH7465LG (Ziggo Connect Box) tools

This repository contains a simple api to wrap the web interface of the Ziggo Connect Box (i.e. the Compal CH7465LG). It is implemented in Python >= 3.7.

At the moment it only contains the functionality that I needed while I was investigating my device, but pull requests that improve the documentation or add features are welcome.

About the hardware

Compal does not provide information about the hardware. The modem has no FCC registration. However, the related Arris TG2492 modem was submitted to the FCC. The FCC documents for this modem are available. Some interesting documents (internal photos) have been mirrored to docs/fcc. danman performed an (excellent) analysis of the modem where the procedure for extracting the content of the firmware and modifying it is discussed. This writeup also examines the DOCSIS certificates used.

The modem seems to be based on the Intel Puma 6 chipset. There is a long thead on (perceived) performance problems caused by jitter on DSLReports. See [ALL] SB6190 is a terrible modem - Intel Puma 6 / MaxLinear mistake

The modem most likely contains open source components. Requests to Compal requesting source code of these components, to an e-mail address on the Compal site, have not been answered yet.






  • Guest network settings added by @frimtec.


A security evaluation of the Connect Box was posted on-line. This report is included in the docs folder.

How to use it?

The examples directory contains some example scripts. My main use case is re-provisioning the modem. An example script for this task is included.

Want to get started really quickly?

import os
import time
from compal import *

modem = Compal('', os.environ['ROUTER_CODE'])

fw = PortForwards(modem)

def toggle_all_rules(fw, goal):
	rules = list(fw.rules)
	for idx, r in enumerate(rules):
	  rules[idx] = r._replace(enabled=goal)


# Disable all rules
toggle_all_rules(fw, False)
# And re-enable
toggle_all_rules(fw, True)

# Or find all possible functions of the modem:
scan = FuncScanner(modem, 0, os.environ['ROUTER_CODE'])
while scan.current_pos < 101:

# And/or change wifi settings
wifi = WifiSettings(modem)
settings = wifi.wifi_settings

new_settings = settings._replace(radio_2g=settings.radio_2g._replace(ssid='api_works'))


# And/or DHCPSettings

# If you want to go back to 'normal':
# modem.reboot() # or
# modem.factory_reset()

# And logout

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