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Wrap docker-compose to acheive dev-perfect CI

Project description

Install with pip install compoctl

A wrapper for the long docker-compose command that also adds a few features that should be considered experimental, in waiting for refutation or upstream contribution - which won’t break BC because compoctl decorates docker-compose commands.

compoctl apply: the one-liner pipeline for docker-compose

Chain pull/build/down/up/logs/ps, nice to have for hacking and even more in automated deploys:

compoctl -f ./foo.yml apply

# will run:
docker-compose -f ./foo.yml pull
docker-compose -f ./foo.yml build
docker-compose -f ./foo.yml down
docker-compose -f ./foo.yml up -d
docker-compose -f ./foo.yml logs
docker-compose -f ./foo.yml ps

compoctl backup

Backup data into ./backup.

Example configuration that makes it work as-is:

- ./backup/postgres:/backup
  io.yourlabs.backup.cmd: pg_dumpall -U postgres -f /backup/data.dump

This will dump pg data into ./backup/postgres, and also export docker-compose running config into ./backup/docker-compose.restore.yml

It will also execute the docker-compose.backup.yml if it exists. This is were you can spawn a container that mounts ./backup and proceeds to the secure backup export over the network that you want for production.

To prevent permission issues, containers should at no time write the ./backup directory itself.

pre-POC state: waiting for an example chaining a docker-compose.backup.yml that would spawn restic and rclone to backup the backup on a remote collection (or implement retention policy feature into duplicity).

compoctl restore

Copy docker-compose.yml back from ./backup and run restore commands.

This is a destructive operation that will delete all volumes except the backup volume, up each service one by one and apply the restore command.

Example configuration that makes it work as-is:

- ./backup/postgres:/backup
  io.yourlabs.restore.cmd: psql -U postgres -f /backup/data.dump

Note that the ./backup directory must have been provisioned with the backup command priorly.

Also, the cluster will be unusable/down during the restore operation.

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