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Use Composio to get an array of tools with your CrewAI agent.

Project description

Composio <> CrewAI

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Composio enables CrewAI agents to connect with numerous tools, making it easy for these agents to interact with external applications seamlessly.

Installation and Setup

Start by installing Composio CrewAI and connecting your GitHub account to enable GitHub functionalities for your agents.

pip install composio_crewai
composio-cli add github  # Connect your GitHub account
composio-cli show-apps   # Check available applications


Automate GitHub interactions, such as starring a repository, using natural language commands through a CrewAI Agent.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Import Base Packages

Prepare your environment by importing the necessary packages for CrewAI and setting up your language model.

from crewai import Agent, Task
from langchain_openai import ChatOpenAI

# Initialize the language model with your OpenAI API key
llm = ChatOpenAI(openai_api_key="sk-<OPENAI KEY>")

2. Fetch Tools via Composio

Initialize the Composio toolset for interacting with GitHub.

from composio_crewai import ComposioToolset, Action, App

# Initialize the toolset with GitHub application
tools = ComposioToolset(apps=[App.GITHUB])

3. Execute the Agent

Configure and execute the CrewAI agent to perform GitHub actions.

crewai_agent = Agent(
    role='Github Agent',
    goal="You take action on Github using Github APIs",
    backstory="You are an AI agent responsible for taking actions on Github on users' behalf using Github APIs",

# Define the task
task = Task(
    description="Star a repo SamparkAI/docs on GitHub",
    expected_output="if the star happened"

# Execute the task

4. Check Response

Verify the agent's actions and responses to ensure the task was completed successfully.

> Entering new CrewAgentExecutor chain...
> I need to star the repository "SamparkAI/docs" on GitHub.
> {'execution_details': {'executed': True}, 'response_data': ''}
> Finished chain.

Advanced Configuration

  • Filter Specific Actions: Limit the actions an agent can perform for enhanced security and operational focus.
toolsGithubCreateIssue = ComposioToolset(actions=[Action.GITHUB_CREATE_ISSUE])
  • Filter Specific Apps: Restrict the agent's access to certain applications for streamlined operations.
toolsAsanaGithub = ComposioToolset(apps=[App.ASANA, App.GITHUB])

Project details

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