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Methods to calculate properties of laminated composite materials

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Methods to calculate composite plate properties

High-performance module to calculate properties of laminated composite materials. Usually, this module is used to calculate:

  • A, B, D, E plane-stress stiffness matrices for plates -- A, B, D, for classical plate theory (CLT, or CLPT) -- E for first-order shear deformation theory (FSDT)
  • Material invariants, trace-normalized or not
  • Lamination parameters based on material invariants
  • Stiffness matrices (ABDE) based on lamination parameters

Citing this repository

Castro, S. G. P. Methods to calculate composite plate properties (Version 0.5.25) [Computer software]. 2023.

Bibtex :

    author = {Castro, Saullo G. P.},
    doi = {10.5281/zenodo.2871782},
    title = {{Methods to calculate composite plate properties (Version 0.5.25) [Computer software]. 2023}}


The documentation is available on:


  • version 0.1.0, from sub-module of compmech 0.7.2
  • version 0.2.2, from sub-module of meshless 0.1.19
  • version 0.2.3 onwards: independent of previous packages
  • version 0.3.0 onwards: with fast Cython version, not compatible with previous versions
  • version 0.4.0 onwards: fast Cython and cimportable by other packages, full compatibility with finite element mass matrices of plates and shells, supporting laminated plates with materials of different densities
  • version 0.5.4 onwards: verified lamination parameters, analytical gradients of Aij, Bij, Dij with respect to lamination parameters, supportting MAC-OS
  • version 0.5.17 onwards: installing with pip


Distrubuted under the 3-Clause BSD license (


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