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Python stream transformation package for common Power Engineering analytics.

Project description


Python stream transformation package for common Power Engineering analytics.

Conduit integrates with btrdb-python to support a series of common power engineering analytics on synchrophasor data queried from a BTrDB database. These transformations are applied to Pandas Series and DataFrame objects that have been materialized through database queries alongside the tags and annotations that provide metadata for each stream. Currently the following transformations are implemented:


  • Per Unit
  • Line to Line
  • Line to Neutral
  • Amps
  • Calibrate
  • Radians
  • Degrees


  • Real
  • Imaginary
  • Complex Phasor

Phasor Pair

  • Complex Power (P + jQ)
  • Real Power (P)
  • Reactive Power (Q)
  • Apparent Power (S)
  • Power Factor

Phasor Group

  • Complex Phasor Group
  • Sequence Components
  • Zero Sequence
  • Positive Sequence
  • Negative Sequence

Phasor Pair Group

  • Three Phase Complex Power
  • Three Phase Real Power
  • Three Phase Reactive Power
  • Three Phase Apparent Power
  • Three Phase Power Factor


For users of conduit v0.0.8 or earlier, a framework for dataflow-style python programming, the versions are still maintained here. Starting with version 1.0 the new conduit package is a power engineering analytics library that also has dataflow-like properties. We would like to say a special thank you to @sleibman for allowing us to take over this namespace for our project!

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