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This is a Python library that allows interaction with API.

Project description


Conekta sdk

This Python package is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:


Python 3.7+

Installation & Usage

pip install

If the python package is hosted on a repository, you can install directly using:

pip install git+

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install git+

Then import the package:

import conekta


Install via Setuptools.

python install --user

(or sudo python install to install the package for all users)

Then import the package:

import conekta


Execute pytest to run the tests.

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

import time
import conekta
from import ApiException
from pprint import pprint

# The client must configure the authentication and authorization parameters
# in accordance with the API server security policy.
# Examples for each auth method are provided below, use the example that
# satisfies your auth use case.

# Configure Bearer authorization: bearerAuth
configuration = conekta.Configuration(
    access_token = os.environ["BEARER_TOKEN"]

# Enter a context with an instance of the API client
with conekta.ApiClient(configuration) as api_client:
    # Create an instance of the API class
    api_instance = conekta.CustomersApi(api_client)
    customer = conekta.Customer(
        name='Customer Name',
    ) # Customer | requested field for create Customer
    accept_language = 'es' # str | Use for knowing which language to use (optional) (default to 'es')

        # Create Customer
        api_response = api_instance.create_customer(customer, accept_language=accept_language)
        print("The response of CustomersApi->create_customer:\n")
    except ApiException as e:
        print("Exception when calling CustomersApi->create_customer: %s\n" % e)

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
AntifraudApi create_rule_blacklist POST /antifraud/blacklists Create blacklisted rule
AntifraudApi create_rule_whitelist POST /antifraud/whitelists Create whitelisted rule
AntifraudApi delete_rule_blacklist DELETE /antifraud/blacklists/{id} Delete blacklisted rule
AntifraudApi delete_rule_whitelist DELETE /antifraud/whitelists/{id} Delete whitelisted rule
AntifraudApi get_rule_blacklist GET /antifraud/blacklists Get list of blacklisted rules
AntifraudApi get_rule_whitelist GET /antifraud/whitelists Get a list of whitelisted rules
ApiKeysApi create_api_key POST /api_keys Create Api Key
ApiKeysApi delete_api_key DELETE /api_keys/{id} Delete Api Key
ApiKeysApi get_api_key GET /api_keys/{id} Get Api Key
ApiKeysApi get_api_keys GET /api_keys Get list of Api Keys
ApiKeysApi update_api_key PUT /api_keys/{id} Update Api Key
BalancesApi get_balance GET /balances Get a company's balance
ChargesApi get_charges GET /charges Get A List of Charges
ChargesApi orders_create_charge POST /orders/{id}/charges Create charge
CompaniesApi get_companies GET /companies Get List of Companies
CompaniesApi get_company GET /companies/{id} Get Company
CustomersApi create_customer POST /customers Create customer
CustomersApi create_customer_fiscal_entities POST /customers/{id}/fiscal_entities Create Fiscal Entity
CustomersApi delete_customer_by_id DELETE /customers/{id} Delete Customer
CustomersApi get_customer_by_id GET /customers/{id} Get Customer
CustomersApi get_customers GET /customers Get a list of customers
CustomersApi update_customer PUT /customers/{id} Update customer
CustomersApi update_customer_fiscal_entities PUT /customers/{id}/fiscal_entities/{fiscal_entities_id} Update Fiscal Entity
DiscountsApi orders_create_discount_line POST /orders/{id}/discount_lines Create Discount
DiscountsApi orders_delete_discount_lines DELETE /orders/{id}/discount_lines/{discount_lines_id} Delete Discount
DiscountsApi orders_get_discount_line GET /orders/{id}/discount_lines/{discount_lines_id} Get Discount
DiscountsApi orders_get_discount_lines GET /orders/{id}/discount_lines Get a List of Discount
DiscountsApi orders_update_discount_lines PUT /orders/{id}/discount_lines/{discount_lines_id} Update Discount
EventsApi get_event GET /events/{id} Get Event
EventsApi get_events GET /events Get list of Events
EventsApi resend_event POST /events/{event_id}/webhook_logs/{webhook_log_id}/resend Resend Event
LogsApi get_log_by_id GET /logs/{id} Get Log
LogsApi get_logs GET /logs Get List Of Logs
OrdersApi cancel_order POST /orders/{id}/cancel Cancel Order
OrdersApi create_order POST /orders Create order
OrdersApi get_order_by_id GET /orders/{id} Get Order
OrdersApi get_orders GET /orders Get a list of Orders
OrdersApi order_cancel_refund DELETE /orders/{id}/refunds/{refund_id} Cancel Refund
OrdersApi order_refund POST /orders/{id}/refunds Refund Order
OrdersApi orders_create_capture POST /orders/{id}/capture Capture Order
OrdersApi update_order PUT /orders/{id} Update Order
PaymentLinkApi cancel_checkout PUT /checkouts/{id}/cancel Cancel Payment Link
PaymentLinkApi create_checkout POST /checkouts Create Unique Payment Link
PaymentLinkApi email_checkout POST /checkouts/{id}/email Send an email
PaymentLinkApi get_checkout GET /checkouts/{id} Get a payment link by ID
PaymentLinkApi get_checkouts GET /checkouts Get a list of payment links
PaymentLinkApi sms_checkout POST /checkouts/{id}/sms Send an sms
PaymentMethodsApi create_customer_payment_methods POST /customers/{id}/payment_sources Create Payment Method
PaymentMethodsApi delete_customer_payment_methods DELETE /customers/{id}/payment_sources/{payment_method_id} Delete Payment Method
PaymentMethodsApi get_customer_payment_methods GET /customers/{id}/payment_sources Get Payment Methods
PaymentMethodsApi update_customer_payment_methods PUT /customers/{id}/payment_sources/{payment_method_id} Update Payment Method
PlansApi create_plan POST /plans Create Plan
PlansApi delete_plan DELETE /plans/{id} Delete Plan
PlansApi get_plan GET /plans/{id} Get Plan
PlansApi get_plans GET /plans Get A List of Plans
PlansApi update_plan PUT /plans/{id} Update Plan
ProductsApi orders_create_product POST /orders/{id}/line_items Create Product
ProductsApi orders_delete_product DELETE /orders/{id}/line_items/{line_item_id} Delete Product
ProductsApi orders_update_product PUT /orders/{id}/line_items/{line_item_id} Update Product
ShippingContactsApi create_customer_shipping_contacts POST /customers/{id}/shipping_contacts Create a shipping contacts
ShippingContactsApi delete_customer_shipping_contacts DELETE /customers/{id}/shipping_contacts/{shipping_contacts_id} Delete shipping contacts
ShippingContactsApi update_customer_shipping_contacts PUT /customers/{id}/shipping_contacts/{shipping_contacts_id} Update shipping contacts
ShippingsApi orders_create_shipping POST /orders/{id}/shipping_lines Create Shipping
ShippingsApi orders_delete_shipping DELETE /orders/{id}/shipping_lines/{shipping_id} Delete Shipping
ShippingsApi orders_update_shipping PUT /orders/{id}/shipping_lines/{shipping_id} Update Shipping
SubscriptionsApi cancel_subscription POST /customers/{id}/subscription/cancel Cancel Subscription
SubscriptionsApi create_subscription POST /customers/{id}/subscription Create Subscription
SubscriptionsApi get_all_events_from_subscription GET /customers/{id}/subscription/events Get Events By Subscription
SubscriptionsApi get_subscription GET /customers/{id}/subscription Get Subscription
SubscriptionsApi pause_subscription POST /customers/{id}/subscription/pause Pause Subscription
SubscriptionsApi resume_subscription POST /customers/{id}/subscription/resume Resume Subscription
SubscriptionsApi update_subscription PUT /customers/{id}/subscription Update Subscription
TaxesApi orders_create_taxes POST /orders/{id}/tax_lines Create Tax
TaxesApi orders_delete_taxes DELETE /orders/{id}/tax_lines/{tax_id} Delete Tax
TaxesApi orders_update_taxes PUT /orders/{id}/tax_lines/{tax_id} Update Tax
TokensApi create_token POST /tokens Create Token
TransactionsApi get_transaction GET /transactions/{id} Get transaction
TransactionsApi get_transactions GET /transactions Get List transactions
TransfersApi get_transfer GET /transfers/{id} Get Transfer
TransfersApi get_transfers GET /transfers Get a list of transfers
WebhookKeysApi create_webhook_key POST /webhook_keys Create Webhook Key
WebhookKeysApi delete_webhook_key DELETE /webhook_keys/{id} Delete Webhook key
WebhookKeysApi get_webhook_key GET /webhook_keys/{id} Get Webhook Key
WebhookKeysApi get_webhook_keys GET /webhook_keys Get List of Webhook Keys
WebhookKeysApi update_webhook_key PUT /webhook_keys/{id} Update Webhook Key
WebhooksApi create_webhook POST /webhooks Create Webhook
WebhooksApi delete_webhook DELETE /webhooks/{id} Delete Webhook
WebhooksApi get_webhook GET /webhooks/{id} Get Webhook
WebhooksApi get_webhooks GET /webhooks Get List of Webhooks
WebhooksApi test_webhook POST /webhooks/{id}/test Test Webhook
WebhooksApi update_webhook PUT /webhooks/{id} Update Webhook

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization

Authentication schemes defined for the API:


  • Type: Bearer authentication


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