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python toml configuration library

Project description

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conficus is a python toml configuration wrapper. providing some extra type coercions (e.g. str -> Path) easier access and section inheritance.

conficus python 3.6+.


Install conficus with pip.

pip install conficus

Quick Start

Basic usage

>>> import conficus

Configurations can be loaded directly from a string variable or read via file path string or Path object:

>>> config = conficus.load('/Users/mgemmill/config.ini', toml=True)

conficus will also read a path from an environment variable:

>>> config = conficus.load('ENV_VAR_CONFIG_PATH')

Easier Selection

Accessing nested sections is made easier with chained selectors:

>>> # regular dictionary access:
>>> config['app']['debug']
>>> # chained selector access:
>>> config['app.debug']


Inheritance pushes parent values down to any child section:

# config.ini

debug = true

_inherit = 0
host = ""
port = 2525
sender = ""

to = [""]
subject = "THIS IS AN ALERT"
body = "Alerting!"

It is turned on via the inheritance option:

>>> config = conficus.load("config.ini", inheritance=True)

Sub-sections will now contain parent values:

>>> alert_config = config["email.alert"]
>>> alert_config["host"]
>>> ""
>>> alert_config["subject"]

Inheritence can be controled per section via the _inherit option. _inherit = 0 will block the section from inheriting parent values. _inherit = 1 would only allow inheritance from the sections immediate parent; _inherit = 2 would allow both the immediate parent and grandparent inheritance.

_inherit values are stripped from the resulting configuration dictionary.

Additional Conversion Options

In addition to toml’s standard type conversions, conficus has two builtin conversion options and also allows for adding custom conversions.

Conversions only work with string values.

Path Conversions

The pathlib option will convert any toml string value that looks like a path to a python pathlib.Path object:

>>> config = conficus.load("path = '/home/user/.dir'", pathlib=True)
>>> isinstance(config["path"], Path)
>>> True

Decimal Conversions

The decimal option will convert any toml string value that matches \d+\.\d+ to a python Decimal object:

>>> config = conficus.load("number = '12.22'", decimal=True)
>>> isinstance(config["number"], Decimal)
>>> True

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