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A python library to decrypt config-yourself files

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config-yourself is a python 2.7+ package to help your application read go-config-yourself files.


# choose if you'd like to use `kms`, `gpg` or the `password` provider
pip install 'config_yourself[kms]'

# or go crazy with all of them
pip install 'config_yourself[all]'

# with pipenv
pipenv install 'config_yourself[kms]'

# with poetry
poetry add config_yourself --extras kms


Here's how to work with config_yourself in python:

Basic usage

import config_yourself as cy

# Load one config file
encrypted_config = cy.load.file("config/test.yml")
config = cy.Config(encrypted_config)
# now use it like a dict, all secrets have been decrypted

Complete usage

# Let's get a little more creative
# `config_yourself` can take a number of config files, merge, and decrypt them

# we start with a defaults file, that defines the valid keys for all subsequent files
# then, we take a file path provided from the environment
files = ['config/defaults.yml', os.environ['CONFIG_FILE']]

# During development, we might choose to have a SCM-ignored personal file, to apply overrides to our personal taste
if os.path.exists(personal_config_path):

# we take every file, deserialize it from YAML
configs = [cy.load.file(path) for path in files]
# we can also append regular dicts to this list
  'MODE': os.environ.get('BACKEND_MODE', 'tripolar')

# we can also decide to override values straight from the environment...
if os.environ['SHOOT_MYSELF_IN_THE_FOOT']:
  # config_yourself will parse env values as JSON, so this will turn to False
  os.environ['CONFIG.someService.enabled'] = 'false'

# Take our list of configs, and pass secrets to the decryption provider
config = cy.Config(*configs, secrets={'password': os.environ['SUPER_SECRET_PASSWORD']})
# The resulting merged config is finally decrypted

print(config['someService']['endpoint']) # => ""
print(config['someService']['enabled']) # => False

From a Django or Flask application

When using in Flask or Django and you'd like to follow the same pattern above, use the :py:meth:~config_yourself.AppConfig method instead:

import config_yourself as cy

# Use AppConfig
config = cy.AppConfig()
# functionally equal to:

# Remember to set CONFIG_FILE=./config/production.yml

# assuming CONFIG_FILE="" and an existing "personal.yml" file

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