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Script that updates Confluence articles from files written locally

Project description


Supplementary script for writing Confluence articles in local editor. Uses information from the config to post the article content to Confluence.

May be used either on its own:

$ confluence_poster post-page

Or as a filter:

$ cat | confluence_poster --file-format markdown post-page

Getting started


  1. Install the project from PyPI:

    $ pip install confluence-poster
  2. Create the config manually (sample available in repo) or run confluence_poster create-config to run a configuration wizard

Alternatively, install app-text/confluence_poster from nitratesky overlay.

Sample usage

User edits the page text and keeps it in file Two files attachment1.docx and attachment2.docx need to be attached to the page.

Given the following files in the current directory:

├── attachment1.docx
├── attachment2.png
├── poster_config.toml

poster_config.toml contains:

page_title = "Some page"
page_file = ""
page_space = "SPACE"

config inside ${HOME}/.config/confluence_poster/ contains the authentication information and the Confluence URL.


$ confluence_poster --config poster_config.toml post-page --upload-files attachment1.docx attachment2.png

will attempt to locate the page on Confluence, update its content with the text in and attach the files to it.

If the script cannot locate the page by title, it will prompt the user to create it, optionally under a parent page.



$ confluence_poster [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

General Options:

  • --version: Show version and exit.
  • --config PATH: The file containing configuration. If not specified - config.toml from the same directory is used [default: config.toml]
  • --page-title TEXT: Override page title from config. Applicable if there is only one page.
  • --parent-page-title TEXT: Provide a parent title to search for. Applicable if there is only one page.
  • --page-file PATH: Provide the path to the file containing page text. Allows passing '-' to read from stdin.
  • --password TEXT: Supply the password in command line. [env var: CONFLUENCE_PASSWORD]
  • --force: Force overwrite the pages. Skips all checks for different author of the updated page. To set for individual pages you can specify field 'force_overwrite' in config.
  • --force-create: Disable prompts to create pages. Script could still prompt for a parent page.
  • --minor-edit: Do not notify watchers of pages updates. Not enabled by default.
  • --report: Print report at the end of the run. Not enabled by default.
  • --debug: Enable debug logging. Not enabled by default.
  • --quiet: Suppresses certain output.
  • --install-completion: Install completion for the current shell.
  • --show-completion: Show completion for the current shell, to copy it or customize the installation.
  • --help: Show this message and exit.

These options can be specified for any COMMAND except for create-config which ignores these options.


  • convert-markdown: Converts single page text to html.
  • create-config: Runs configuration wizard.
  • post-page: Posts the content of the pages.
  • validate: Validates the provided settings.


confluence_poster post-page

Posts the content of the pages.


$ confluence_poster post-page [OPTIONS] [FILES]...


  • --upload-files: Upload list of files.
  • --version-comment TEXT: Provider version comment.
  • --create-in-space-root: Create the page in space root.
  • --file-format [confluencewiki|markdown|html|None]: File format of the file with the page content. If provided at runtime - can only be applied to a single page. If set to 'None'(default) - script will try to guess it during the run.
  • --help: Show this message and exit.

confluence_poster validate

Validates the provided settings. If 'online' flag is passed - tries to fetch the space from the config using the supplied credentials.


$ confluence_poster validate [OPTIONS]


  • --online: Test the provided authentication settings on the actual instance of Confluence.
  • --help: Show this message and exit.

confluence_poster create-config

Runs configuration wizard. The wizard guides through setting up values for configuration file.


  • --local-only: Create config only in the local folder.
  • --home-only: Create config only in the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME.
  • --help: Show this message and exit.

Configuration file format

By default the confluence_poster tries to look for configuration file config.toml in the directory where it is invoked and in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME. The format is as follows:

# If the page was not updated by the username specified here, throw an error.
# If this setting is omitted - username from auth section is used for checks.
author = "author_username"

# Space key. E.g. for space "local-dev" the space key is "LOC"
# Space defined here will be used if a page section below does not specify it
page_space = "DEFAULT_SPACE_KEY"
# The title of the page
page_title = "Some page title"
# The filename with page content
page_file = "some_file.confluencewiki"
# If specified - overrides the default page_space
page_space = "some_space_key"
# If specified as "true" - username check is always skipped for this page
force_overwrite = false
# If specified - the page will be created without looking for a parent under specified parent
page_parent_title = "Parent page title"
# If specified - script will convert the text in the file before posting it. If not specified - script will try to guess it based on file extension.
page_file_format = "confluencewiki"

page_title = "Some other page title"
page_file = "some_other_file.confluencewiki"

# URL of Confluence instance
confluence_url = "https://confluence.local"
# Username for authentication
username = "confluence_username"
# Password may also be supplied through --password option or from an environment variable CONFLUENCE_PASSWORD
password = "confluence_password"
# Whether the Confluence instance is a "cloud" one
is_cloud = false

Note on password and Cloud instances: if Confluence instance is hosted by Atlassian, the password is the API token. Follow instructions at this link.

File formats

confluence_poster supports the following formats for posting pages:

The format may be specified explicitly in the configuration file, passed during the runtime, or the script will try to guess it by the file extension.

Contrib directory

There are shell completions for bash and zsh (generated through typer) as well as a sample of git post-commit hook.

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