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Anti-Boilerplate Console Logging Module for Python

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Anti-Boilerplate Console Logging Module for Python


conlog is a configurable console logging mechanism featuring:

  • Boilerplate-free setup
  • Only one line per Logger
  • Export to optional rotating log file
  • Show additional log columns when debugging, suppress when not
  • YAML or argument based configuration


Install via pip: (Recommended)

pip install conlog

Or with setup_tools:

python install


Quick start

import conlog
log = conlog.start(level='INFO')'Hello World!')



    log_format='%(asctime)22s - %(levelname)8s - %(name)20s - %(message)s',
    debug_format='%(asctime)22s - %(levelname)8s - %(name)20s - %(funcName)20s - %(message)s',

Configure and return the root Logger instance. All parameters are optional. If any parameter is not supplied, its default value be used. It is even possible to run with no parameters, in which case the default values would be used across all options.


Pull configurations from YAML file. All parameters from start() are available as YAML options. Option entries should be nested under conlog at the root of the YAML file. The file should be structured:

  log_file: log/app.log
  log_format: '%(asctime)22s - %(levelname)8s - %(name)20s - %(message)s'
  debug_format: '%(asctime)22s - %(levelname)8s - %(name)20s - %(funcName)20s - %(message)s'
  level: INFO
  max_file_size: 5 MB
  max_retention: 5

Like start() parameters, all YAML settings are optional. If any setting is not supplied in the configuration, its default value will be used.

If yaml_file is supplied, its values are processed first, and will be overridden by any additional parameters called in start()

Default: None


Path to log file. By default, file logging is disabled. If log_file is set to a file path, for example, log/app.log, it will enable rotating file logging.

NOTE: In the example log/app.log, the log file itself, app.log, does not need to exist; however, the base directory log MUST exist.

By default the log file will rotate when it reaches 5 MB, with up to 5 rotations being kept before overwriting the oldest. These values can be adjusted using the max_file_size and max_retention options.

Default: None


Logging format for all levels EXCEPT DEBUG.

Default: %(asctime)22s - %(levelname)8s - %(name)20s - %(message)s


Logging format for DEBUG level. By default, this displays the same formatting as format, but with an additional column for the function name which is calling the Logger.

Default: %(asctime)22s - %(levelname)8s - %(name)20s - %(funcName)20s - %(message)s


Logging level. Only messages sent to this level or higher will appear in log.

Default: INFO


Maximum log file size before rollover. This value can either be an integer byte size or a proper string like: 5 MB, 50 kB, etc. Setting to 0 will cause the log file to grow infinitely with no rollover. This option has no impact if log_file is set to None.

Default: 5000000 (5 MB)


Maximum number of rollover logs to keep. Rotated logs will be saved in the format log_name.1, log_name.2, etc., until max_retention is reached. At that point the oldest of the rollover logs will be purged. This option has no impact if log_file is set to None, or if max_file_size is set to 0.

Default: 5


Get a new Logger instance for the calling class. Recommended usage is self.log =


Instance of class which new Logger is for, (HINT: use self)



This is the easiest way to add a root Logger using conlog with INFO level logging to the console.

log = conlog.start(level='INFO')

Start logging based on configuration in the YAML file, conf/conlog.yml.

log = conlog.start(yaml_file='conf/conlog.yml')

Start DEBUG level Logger with console logging and rotating file logging to logs/app.log.

log = conlog.start(

Similar to above but with specific values set for rotation of log files. This will rotate the log file when it reaches 1 MB and retain up to 10 archived log files before overwriting the oldest.

log = conlog.start(
        max_file_size='1 MB',

Start console logging with a different log format.

log = conlog.start(log_format='%(levelname)s:%(name)s:%(message)s')

Get a Logger instance for a class. (Remember to start() first)

class Example(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self.log =


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