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Utilities for generating conn-check YAML configs from other sources, such as Django settings

Project description

This is a set of Python modules and utilities for generating conn-check config YAML from other sources, such as Django settings modules.

Supported sources

  • Django settings modules



You can export common settings from a Django application using the conn-check-django command line utility, which takes the following arguments:

  • -m, --settings-module: the Python module for Django to import.

  • -d, --database-name: the database schema name if not set as NAME in the Django settings.

  • --statsd-send: Optional string to send with statsd checks (defaults to a conn-check specific metric).

  • --statsd-expect: Optional response string to expect from a statsd check.

  • -P, --print: Optionally output to stdout rather than a file.

Followed by a path to the generated YAML file, for example:

$ conn-check-django -m myapp.settings /tmp/myapp-conncheck.yaml
$ conn-check /tmp/myapp-conncheck.yaml

Extending configuration generation

You may want to extend the generated checks with custom (or unsupported) settings, this can be done by creating your own script and importing all the functions/variables from the relevant conn_check_configs submodule (e.g. django), and then extending the EXTRA_CHECK_MAKERS list with your own check making functions, which must take 2 arguments: the Django settings module and the options from the CLI (usually a argparse.Namespace instance).

Building wheels

To allow for easier/more portable distribution of this tool you can build conn-check-configs and all it’s dependencies as Python wheels:

make clean-wheels
make build-wheels

The build-wheels make target will build conn-check-configs and it’s base dependencies.

By default all the wheels will be placed in ./wheels.

Project details

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