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Random name and slug generator

Project description

Do you want random human-readable strings to identify things?

>>> from coolname import generate_slug
>>> generate_slug()
>>> generate_slug()
>>> generate_slug()


  • Generate slugs, ready to use, Django-compatible.

    >>> from coolname import generate_slug
    >>> generate_slug()
  • Generate names as sequences and do whatever you want with them.

    >>> from coolname import generate
    >>> generate()
    ['beneficial', 'bronze', 'bee', 'of', 'glee']
    >>> ' '.join(generate())
    'limber transparent toad of luck'
    >>> ''.join(x.capitalize() for x in generate())
  • Generate names of specific length: 2, 3 or 4 words.

    >>> generate_slug(2)
    >>> generate_slug(3)
    >>> generate_slug(4)

    Note: without argument, it returns a random length, but probability of 4-word name is much higher.

  • Over 1010 random names.













    >>> from coolname import get_combinations_count
    >>> get_combinations_count(4)
  • Hand-picked vocabulary. sexy and demonic are about the most “offensive” words here - but there is only a pinch of them, for spice. Most words are either neutral, such as red, or positive, such as brave. And subject is always some animal, bird, fish, or insect - you can’t be more neutral than Mother Nature.

  • Easy customization. Create your own rules!

    >>> from coolname import RandomNameGenerator
    >>> generator = RandomNameGenerator({
    ...   'all': {
    ...     'type': 'cartesian',
    ...     'lists': ['first_name', 'last_name']
    ...   },
    ...   'first_name': {
    ...     'type': 'words',
    ...     'words': ['james', 'john']
    ...   },
    ...   'last_name': {
    ...     'type': 'words',
    ...     'words': ['smith', 'brown']
    ...   }
    ... })
    >>> generator.generate_slug()


pip install coolname

coolname is written in pure Python and has no dependencies. It works on any modern Python version.


0.2.0 (2016-09-28)

  • More flexible configuration: max_length and max_slug_length constraints. See documentation.

  • Total number of combinations increased from 43 to 51 billions.

0.1.1 (2015-12-17)

  • Consistent behavior in Python 2/3: output is always unicode.

  • Provide from coolname.loader import load_config as a public API for loading custom configuration.

  • More strict configuration validation.

  • Total number of combinations increased from 33 to 43 billions.

0.1.0 (2015-11-03)

  • First release on PyPI.

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