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A small library that provides programmatic access to Superconductive's GraphQL API.

Project description


cooper_pair is a Python library that provides programmatic access to Superconductive's GraphQL API.

It supports a limited number of common use cases. (See below.) cooper_pair is not intended as a general-purpose integration library for GraphQL. Most useful GraphQL queries are not supported within the cooper_pair API.

Why limit the use cases?

GraphQL is a composable query language. The space of allowed queries is enormous, and developers are empowered to choose the right query for a given job. This de-couples development behind the API from development that consumes the API, and allows each to move faster, independently.

Wrapping a flexible GraphQL API in a rigid python library would completely defeat that purpose.

Instead, think of cooper_pair as training wheels. It makes it easy to quickly connect to GraphQL, and perform a few common functions. It also provides a collection of example queries to learn how to use GraphQL and the Allotrope API.

In other words, cooper-pair can help you get started, but you will be able to get far more out of Allotrope once you learn to query it natively using GraphQL.


cd cooper-pair
pip install .


pip install git+ssh://


Instantiate the API

from cooper_pair import CooperPair

pair = CooperPair(

List datasets

response = pair.list_datasets()
print( json.dumps(response, indent=2))

Get a dataset

response = pair.get_dataset("RGF2YXNldPoxODl=")
print( json.dumps(response, indent=2))

List checkpoints

response = pair.list_checkpoints()
print( json.dumps(response, indent=2) )

Create a new dataset and evaluate it against an existing checkpoint

From a dataframe:

my_df = pd.DataFrame({
    "x" : [1,2,3,4,5],
    "y" : [6,7,8,9,10],
response = pair.evaluate_checkpoint_on_pandas_df(
evaluation_id = response['addEvaluation']['evaluation']['id']
dataset_id = response['addEvaluation']['evaluation']['dataset']['id']

From a file:

with open('my_file.csv', 'rb') as fd:
    dataset = pair.evaluate_checkpoint_on_file(
evaluation_id = response['addEvaluation']['evaluation']['id']
dataset_id = response['addEvaluation']['evaluation']['dataset']['id']

Note: Evaluation is asynchronous. When the response first comes back from Allotrope, it will have status="created". This will change to pending when a worker picks it up, then to success or failed depending on the result of the evaluation.

You can query for status as follows:

response = pair.query("""
        query evaluationQuery($id: ID!) {
            evaluation(id: $id) {
        'id' : evaluation_id

Creating a new checkpoint from JSON

import json
with open('checkpoint_definition.json', 'rb') as fd:
    checkpoint_config = json.load(fd)

    checkpoint_config, "Checkpoint Name")

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