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Distribute commands to many nodes

Project description

cooperate is a shell command that execute commands in a cooperative manner, by distributing them to many nodes.

It requires Python >= 3.3 and asyncio.

For example:

cooperate --local -- echo FOO

Will execute the job “echo FOO” locally.

This one:

cooperate --ssh me@my.node -- echo FOO

Is barelly equivalent to:

ssh me@my.node echo FOO

You can declare as many nodes as you want. For example:

cooperate --local --ssh me@my.node --ssh me@my.second.node -- echo FOO

Is equivalent to:

echo FOO
ssh me@my.node echo FOO
ssh me@my.second.node echo FOO

You can also declare many jobs at once. For example:

cooperate --local --command "echo FOO" --command "echo BAR"

Is equivalent to:

echo FOO
echo BAR


pip install cooperate


Commands can be distribued thru these kind of nodes:

  • –local execute locally
  • –ssh execute thru ssh
  • –docker execute in a local docker container
  • –lxc execute in a local lxc container

These options can be repeated as often as needed.


By default, it spawns every commands to every nodes.

The -m, –mode allow to configure the desired mode.

The all mode executes all commands in all nodes:

cooperate --local --ssh me@my.node --ssh me@my.second.node \
    --command="echo FOO" --command="echo BAR"

Is equivalent to:

echo FOO
echo BAR
ssh me@my.second.node echo FOO
ssh me@my.second.node echo BAR

The distribute mode share the commands out among all the nodes:

cooperate --local --ssh me@my.node --ssh me@my.second.node \
    --command="echo FOO" --command="echo BAR" --mode=distribute

Is equivalent to:

echo FOO
ssh me@my.second.node echo BAR


By default, it executes all jobs simultaneously.

The -b, –batch option allows to execute on only a specify number of jobs at a time. Both percentages and finite numbers are supported:

cooperate --local --concurrence 1 \
    --command="echo FOO" --command="echo BAR" --command="echo BAZ"

cooperate --local --concurrence 33% \
    --command="echo FOO" --command="echo BAR" --command="echo BAZ"

The concurrency system maintains a window of running jobs. When a job returns then it starts a remnant job and so on.

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