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Coralogix Python SDK

Project description

Coralogix - Logs in Action

Coralogix is a software analytics SaaS platform that drastically improves the delivery & maintenance process for software providers. Using proprietary machine learning algorithms, Coralogix helps over 100 businesses reduce their issue resolution time, increase system uptime, improve customer satisfaction and decrease maintenance costs.

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This package includes all Coralogix Python SDK files and settings required for sending logs to Coralogix Cloud.


$ pip install coralogix

>>> from coralogix import CoralogixHTTPSHandler
>>> handler = CoralogixHTTPSHandler(company_id, private_key, application, subsystem, computer_name)
>>> logger.addHandler(handler)
>>> logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)


Coralogix SDK can be directly installed using pip package manager:

$ pip install coralogix

Please confirm that you have the latest pip package manager beforehand:

$ pip install pip –upgrade

If you are upgrading coralogix from an older version, you may need to add the upgrade flag:

$ pip install coralogix –upgrade

Alternatively, Coralogix SDK can be installed from source by extracting the files and executing:

$ python install


After installing the coralogix module, import CoralogixHTTPSHandler and add it to the logging.Logger object you are currently using. If you’re new to Python logging, a detailed explanation can be found for:

Python 2 -

Python 3 -


Using Coralogix SDK requires four mandatory parameters and one optional parameter:

company_id (Integer): A unique ID which represents your company. This ID will be sent to your mail once you register to Coralogix.

private_key (String): The private key is the password for your company, used to validate your authenticity. This key will be sent to your mail once you register to Coralogix.

application (String): The name of your main application. For example, a company named Startup which develops app_1 and app_2 can use “Startup app_1” and “Startup app_2” for this parameter; or if they want to debug their test environment they might insert the “Startup app_1 - Test” or “Startup app_1 - Staging”.

subsystem (String): The name of your sub-system. Your application probably has multiple sub-systems, e.g. “Backend servers”, “Middleware”, “Frontend servers”, “Database servers” etc. In order to help you examine only the data you need, inserting the subsystem parameter is vital.

computer_name (String): Optional. When several servers run the same application/sub-system, you will enjoy the full power of Coralogix if you use a different computer_name per server.

  1. Prepare your company_id and private_key (provided to you in advance). They can also be found under “Send Your Logs” in the “Settings & Info” tab. e.g.
    >>> company_id = 173 ; private_key = "2b03ed7f-210c-492a-b035-549c0020e91f"
  2. Import CoralogixHTTPSHandler. e.g.
    >>> from coralogix import CoralogixHTTPSHandler
  3. Instantiate a CoralogixHTTPSHandler object with company_id, private_key, app_name, sub_system_name and computer_name. CoralogixHTTPSHandler will immediately try to connect to Coralogix with the data provided. e.g.
    >>> handler = CoralogixHTTPSHandler(173, "2b03ed7f-210c-492a-b035-549c0020e91f", application, subsystem, computer_name)

    You may instantiate several CoralogixHTTPSHandlers for different applications and sub-systems in the same process. To avoid data duplication, please ensure that loggers of the same logging tree don’t propagate across many CoralogixHTTPSHandlers (logger.propagate=False)

  4. Add the handler to your existing logging.Logger object. e.g.
    >>> logger.addHandler(handler)
  5. You’re up and ready. Any log record accepted by your logging.Logger object will now also be sent to Coralogix Cloud.

  6. It is recommended to set your logging.Logger level to logging.DEBUG to get the maximum value from your data. e.g.
    >>> logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)


Copyright 2015 Coralogix Ltd.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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