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Python Coras is a python SDK for the API.

Project description

Python Coras

This API SDK was automatically generated by APIMATIC BETA v2.0

Due to the UniRest package dependency this SDK only works under Python 2.7
It will not work using Python 3.x

How To Configure:
The generated code might need to be configured with your API credentials. To do that,
provide the credentials and configuration values as constructor parameters for the controllers

How To Build:
The generated code uses Python libraries named UniRest and Jsonpickle.

PIP is a popular tool for managing python packages[1].
To resolve these packages:
1) From terminal/cmd navigate to the root directory
2) Invoke 'pip install -r requirements.txt'

Note: You will need internet access to resolve these dependencies.

How To Use:
The following shows how to make invoke the APIController controller.
It is also shown in [2].

1. Create a "" file in the root directory.
2. Add the following import statement
'from PythonCorasLib.Controllers.APIController import *'
3. Create a new instance using 'controller = APIController()'
4. Invoke an endpoint with the appropriate parameters, for example
'response = controller.getsection_retrieve(<required parameters if any>)'
5. "response" will now be an object of type SectionSerializer.
6. To test the response you get, print out a property of "response",
for example 'print response.url'.

[1] PIP -

[2] from PythonCorasLib.Controllers.APIController import *

response = controller.getsection_retrieve()

print response.url
#or you can print more information
print response.resolve_names()

Example usage:
from CorasLib import APIController
from datetime import datetime
c = APIController(authorization='Token a7238841b1d4c6170b0919d401cc4fe7f10acdb5')
now =str(datetime.utcnow())
#Create Event
event = c.create_event_create(name="Phil's Band",, start=now, doors=now, announce=now, general_onsale=now)
#list venues
for v in c.get_venue_list(): print
#list events
for e in c.get_event_list(): print


0.0.1 (2015-10-20)

* First release on PyPI.

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