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Support for programmatic creation of resources in the CognitiveScale Cortex Cognitive Platform

Project description

Programmatic Building of Cortex Resources

The Cortex Python Builders module provides tools to programmatically build Cortex resources (e.g. Skill, Actions, Datasets, etc.) using Python. Refer to the Cortex documentation for details on how to use the library:


To install:

  > pip install cortex-python-builders

or from source code:

  > git clone
  > cd cortex-python-builders
  > pip install -e .



When developing, it's a best practice to work in a virtual environment. Create and activate a virtual environment:

  > virtualenv --python=python3.6 _venv
  > source _venv/bin/activate

Install developer dependencies:

  > git clone
  > cd cortex-python-builders
  > make dev.install

There's a convenience Makefile that has commands to common tasks, such as build, test, etc. Use it!


Unit Tests

Follow above setup instructions (making sure to be in the virtual environment and having the necessary dependencies)

  • make test to run test suite

To run an individual file or class method, use pytest. Example tests shown below:

  • file: pytest test/unit/
  • class method: pytest test/unit/

Publishing an alpha build

Suppose you want to release new functionality so it can be installed without releasing a new official version. We need to use an alpha version in PyPi.

  • we need to create and publish an alpha release:
  • get credentials to the cortex-python-builders pypi CognitiveScale account (via lastpass)
  • run make dev.push. The alpha pre-release number (the N in X.Y.ZaN) with be determined automatically.


After contributing to the library, and before you submit changes as a PR, please do the following

  1. Run unit tests via make test
  2. Manual verification (i.e. try the new changes out in Cortex) to make sure everything is going well. Not required, but highly encouraged.
  3. Bump up version and update the


Activate your virtual environment:

> source _venv/bin/activate

Setup your environment, if you have not done so:

> make dev.install 

The package documentation is built with Sphinx and generates versioned documentation for all tag matching the release/X.Y.Z pattern and for the master branch. To build the documentation:

> make docs.multi

The documentation will be rendered in HTML format under the docs/_build/${VERSION} directory.

Pre-release to staging

  1. Create and push an alpha release:
    > make dev.push TAG=1
    This will build an alpha-tagged package.
  2. Merge develop to staging branch:
    > make stage
  3. In GitHub, create a pull request from staging to master.

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