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A Free Network Discovery Service

Project description

Cosmo Network Discovery API

Documentation for The OpenSource Cosmo Network Discovery API

This is the main implemtation written in python. For other implementations see Implemtations and for a description on the API and Protocol see API Docs


You can Install it with Pip and PyPi

python3 -m pip install cosmodiscovery

or with Pip and Github without PyPi

python3 -m pip install git+


Import the libary

import cosmodiscovery as discovery

A Discovery Server

server = discovery.DiscoveryServer()

Yep! Thats it!

If you want a custom scheme or port you can do it like this:

server = discovery.DiscoveryServer(port=12892, scheme="_discovery._cosmo.home_device"))

Sending Custom Data with the discovery reply. cls is a DiscoveryRequestMessage Object

def on_msg(cls):

A Discovery Client

Create a DiscoveryClient Object like this

server = discovery.DiscoveryServer()

Or with Paramaters like so

client = discovery.DiscoveryClient(port=12892, scheme="_discovery._cosmo.home_device"))

One Created you can run this

results = client.discovery()

This function returns a list of DiscoveryResult objects. If the list is empty, then no devices were found.

If you wish to add arguments such as custom data to send within the Discovery Request or shorten the discovey reply wait time you can do so like this: results = discovery(timeout=1, data={}) Again! Its that simple

Further Documentation

For Further Documentation see

Written for CosmoHome by SamHDev. Licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 as per License File

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