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A Nicely formatted Logger for the Cosmo Project

Project description

Cosmo Logger

A Simple yet Nicely formatted Logger for all your Logging Needs. Made for the Cosmo Project

Key Features

  • Simple to Use.
  • Supports Colors
  • Configurable Styles


You can install via python's pip module:

Install with Offical Python Package Index:

python3 -m pip install cosmologger

or with this Git Respiratory

python3 -m pip install git+

Note for Noobies: If python3 work then use python


Importing the Library

You can import the library with the following statement:

import cosmologger
Creating a Logging Object

To Start logging, create a logger object. This can be placed in the module or in a class so it can be accessed around the project.

logger = cosmologger.Logger()

The Logger Object can be created with options such debug and app_name as shown below:

logger = cosmologger.Logger(
    debug = True,             # Enables Debug Print
    app_name = "CORE APP",    # Set App Name to Print
    style = None,             # Set Style Formating (Format Dict)
    color = None              # Enable Color Print
Logging Example

To output messages to the logger/console you can call the many functions found in the Logger Class.

Here is a simple Example of each Method."This a 'Info' Message")
logger.ok("This a 'Ok' Message")
logger.warn("This a 'Warn' Message")
logger.error("This a 'Error' Message")
logger.fatal("This a 'Fatal' Message")
logger.debug("This a 'Debug' Message")
logger("This a 'Debug' Message but Simpler")
logger.log("TEST", "This is a Custom Logging Output Type")

The above code would produce the resulting output:

main>  10:03:18 [INFO] This a 'Info' Message
main>  10:03:18 [-OK-] This a 'Ok' Message
main>  10:03:18 [WARN] This a 'Warn' Message
main>  10:03:18 [ERRR] This a 'Error' Message
main>  10:03:18 [FATAL] This a 'Fatal' Message
main>  10:03:18 [Debug] This a 'Debug' Message
main>  10:03:18 [Debug] This a 'Debug' Message but Simpler
main>  10:03:18 [TEST] This is a Custom Logging Output Type
Logging Methods
Type Output Methods
Info [INFO]
Ok [-OK-] Logger.ok(msg)
Warning [WARN] Logger.warn(msg) Logger.warning(msg)
Error [ERROR] Logger.error(msg)
Fatal [FATL] Logger.fatal(msg) Logger.critical(msg)
Debug [DBUG] Logger.debug(msg) Logger(msg)
Custom Logging

Custom Logging Types is a simple as so:

logging.log("Custom Type", "Message")
Sub Loggers (For Multiple Classes/Modules)

A SubLogger can be used for classes/modules across large projects. The cosmoLogger.SubLogger is a subclass of cosmoLogger.Logger and contains all the methods However, the class requires the app_name parameter and has the optinal parent paramater that copies the settings from the 'parent' Logger Object.

It can be used like so:

sublogger = logger.SubLogger("SUB APP", parent=logger)

License and Attributes

Created by Sam Huddart under alias SamHDev for the Blume Open Source Project. SamHDev/cosmologger is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 and is Open-Source as seen in LICENSE. Commercial use, Modification and Distribution are permmited. Although credit is not necessary, it is much obliged. If you do wish to credit the author, please link the respiratory and the author at github or website. Thank you for using our work.

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