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Cotter Login SDK for python scripts

Project description

Cotter Login SDK for Python CLI

Cotter's Python SDK for Passwordless Authentication using Email/Phone Number for your CLI and scripts. To read more about Cotter, get started with our 📚 integration guides and example projects.

Find the most updated documentation on our site or our Github:


pip install cotter

Find the latest versions here


Get your API_KEY_ID from Cotter's Dashboard.

Step 1: Copy cotter_login_success.html from the example folder.

You can make your own Success page. After the user successfully logged-in, the website will redirect to http://localhost:port and you should show a "Success message" and tell the user to go back to your terminal. Feel free to copy our example page and modify it.

Put the success page with name cotter_login_success.html at the same directory as where you put the code below

Step 2: Call Cotter's login function

import cotter
api_key = "YOUR API KEY ID"
port = 8080 # Open a port to receive code from the website after successful authentication
response = cotter.login_with_email_link(api_key, port)

Available methods:

Using Email

# Use Magic Link
response = login_with_email_link(api_key, port)
# Use OTP
response = login_with_email_otp(api_key, port)

Using Phone Number

# Use Magic Link
response = login_with_phone_link(api_key, port)
# Use OTP
response = login_with_phone_otp(api_key, port)

Storing the tokens

Store the tokens to a file:

from cotter import tokenhandler
tokenhandler.store_token_to_file(response["oauth_token"], "cottertoken.json")

Get the tokens to a file (automatically refresh if needed):

from cotter import tokenhandler
oauth_token = tokenhandler.get_token_from_file("cottertoken.json", api_key)

Refreshing tokens (if not using the functions above)

# This will only refresh if needed
from cotter import tokenhandler
oauth_token = tokenhandler.refresh_token(oauth_token, api_key)

Validating tokens

from cotter import validate
access_token_decoded = validate.validate_access_token(response["oauth_token"]["access_token"], api_key)
id_token_decoded = validate.validate_id_token(response["oauth_token"]["id_token"], api_key)


Allowed Origin Error

If you get an error like this:

  "msg": "The redirect URL http://localhost:1234 or the parent origin :// is not in the list of allowed URLs. Please contact the site owner.",
  "type": ""

You may have set up a list of Allowed URLs in the dashboard. Make sure you add these 2 urls:

  • http://localhost:<PORT> based on the port you used above
  • :// (this is a bug, join our Slack channel to be updated)

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