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Web Scraper for Poland COVID19 data.

Project description

Web Scraper of COVID-19 data for Poland

Python package covid19poland is part of MFRatio project.

It provides access to death data in Poland due to COVID-19 as well as overall deaths data.

Setup and usage

Install from pip with

pip install covid19poland

Several data sources are in current version

  • Covid-19 deaths in Poland (offline) - manually checked
  • Parser of Twitter of Polish Ministery of Health
  • Covid-19 deaths from Wikipedia

Package is regularly updated. Update with

pip install --upgrade covid19poland

Covid-19 deaths

Deaths can be acquired as dataframe of separate death cases with attributes

import covid19poland as PL

x = PL.covid_death_cases()

or as death counts aggregated over 5y age groups, sex and region.

x = PL.covid_deaths()

Granularity of the region is parametrizable as 0 (whole Poland), 2 (NUTS-2) or 3 (NUTS-3, default).

x = PL.covid_deaths(level = 2) # setting region to be NUTS-2

The NUTS-2 and NUTS-3 classification is done using offline clone of file from

Online reading

It is recommended to use the offline data, since they have been acquired this way and manually checked. The data is offline acquirable with the package covid19poland.

If online data from Twitter is wanted, it can be downloaded and parsed as well.

data,filtered,checklist = PL.twitter(start = "2020-06-01", end = "2020-07-01")

Turn on logs by typing following code before the twitter() function call.

import logging
logging.basicConfig(level = logging.INFO)

The result of the twitter() call are three values

  • data - containing the deceased people with their place and date of death
  • filtered - tweets, that were filtered out. Just for validation that nothing was missed.
  • checklist - list of dates that the parser is not sure about

The data can be saved to output files with

with open("data/6_in.json", "w") as fd:
    json.dump(data, fd)
with open("data/6_out.json", "w") as fd:
    json.dump(filtered, fd)

Offline data can be validated towards deaths from covid19dh package, the mismatching days are acquired by

x = PL.mismatching_days()

Covid-19 tests

The test counts come from two sources and are merged together:

  • Parsed from Polish Ministery of Health (@MZ_GOV_PL)
  • Wayback Machine (NUTS-3 data) from government pages. (not connected yet)

Fetch the data with

x = PL.covid_tests()

Local copy of the data in the package is used. To live-parse the data from the source

x = PL.covid_tests(offline = False)


The covid19poland can also fetch death data from GUS (Główny Urząd Statystyczny or Central Statistical Office of Poland). The data is taken from and it is deaths per month and gender in years 2010 - 2018.

x = PL.deaths()

Local copy of the data in the package is used. To live-parse the data from the source, type

x = PL.deaths(offline = False)



The table comes from version from beginning of June on Wikipedia page

x =

Once better tabular source is found, it will replace the current one.

Level is a setting for granularity of data

  1. Country level (default)
  2. State level
# country level
x1 = PL.fetch(level = 1)
# state level
x2 = PL.fetch(level = 2)


Developed by Martin Benes.

Join on GitHub.

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