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A colorful command line tool substitutes for Grid Engine qstat command

Project description

A colorful command line tool substitutes for Grid Engine qstat command


From pip

pip install cqstat

or downlaod source from


Edit ~/cqstat_config.json to configure some defaults and colors. cqstat generates this file if not exists.


  • optional arguments


    Show help message and exit.


    Show preview and current settings.

    Filter and memory options affect the previews.


    Show cluster information summary.


    Add pending jobs to output.

  • format arguments


    Full format display of queues which has visible job.


    Full format display of queues (even if queue doesn’t have visible job).

  • filter arguments

    -l and -q arguments will be passed to the GE qstat command.

    -l/--resource <resource>...

    Filtering by the GE resources

    -q/--queue <queue>...

    Filtering by the GE queue names.

    -u/--user <user>...

    Display only jobs and queues being associated with the users. The login user name ($USER environment valiable) will be used in omission.


    Display all jobs (same as -u *)

  • memory display options

    Outputs generate from these options depend on the GE qhost command.

    -r/--required-memory [{s_vmem,mem_req}]

    Add required memory amount specified by GE resource option (-l s_vmem or -l mem_req). Using s_vmem value as default. As the case may be, this option takes additional time because of refering job status by qstat -j command.


    Add host machine memory usage.


    Add host machine swap usage.

  • others

    -w [sec], --watch [sec]

    Show status periodically (like watch command)


    Disable queue sorting.

    As default, queue are sorted by their status, usage and load average.


    Disable coloring (´・ω・`)

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cqstat-1.0.0.tar.gz (11.0 kB view hashes)

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