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This is the magic bot by Castellani Davide

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This is the magic :octocat: bot :octocat: by Castellani Davide With this programm you can easily create a repository on GitHub :octocat: with a basic template, personalized for your use.


  • required python3 (>=3.8)
  • pip3
  • Internet connection
  • GitHub account


Attention: replace <SOME_WORDS> with your values

  • All OS using pypi:
    • pip install createstructure
    • Made an alias of use
      • Value of the alias: python3 -c "exec(\"from create_structure import create_structure;create_structure()\")" -t=<TOCKEN> -s=<(optional)_ARRAY_OF_TEMPLATE_SOURCES> -o=<(optional)_ORGANIZATION> -i=<(optional)_FOLDERS_AND_FILES_TO_BE_IGNORED_BY_TEMPLATE>
      • Eg. ubuntu/debian (after this reload the terminal): echo alias createstructure='python3 -c "exec(\"from create_structure import create_structure;create_structure()\")" -t=<TOCKEN> -s=<(optional)_ARRAY_OF_TEMPLATE_SOURCES> -o=<(optional)_ORGANIZATION> -i=<(optional)_FOLDERS_AND_FILES_TO_BE_IGNORED_BY_TEMPLATE>' >> ~/.bash_aliases
      • Example of use: echo "alias createstructure='python3 -c \"exec(\\\"from create_structure import create_structure;create_structure()\\\")\" -t=abcb1234 -s=[CastellaniDavide] -o=CastellaniDavideTest -i=[.vs,.vscode]'" >> ~/.bash_aliases
  • Manual by source:
    • install git
    • download the repo git clone
    • install python3
    • install pip3
    • install requirements.txt (in core of the project): pip3 install -r requirements/requirements.txt
    • create an alias
      • name: create_structure
      • attribute: python3 <ABSOLUTE_PATH_OF_REPO>/bin/ -t= -s=<ARRAY_OF_SOURCES> -o=<(optional)_ORGANIZATION> -i=<(optional)_FOLDERS_TO_BE_IGNORED_FROM_TEMPLATE>


  • With pypi method: pip3 install [package_name] --upgrade

Directories structure

  • .github
      • *.md
    • workflows
      • *.yml
  • create_structure
    • __init
  • doc
    • _config.yml
  • requirements
    • requirements.txt
  • .gitignore

Execution examples

  • create_structure

How to create your own template

1. Open father template

2. Clone the templete into your GitHub account

  • Press "Use this template" bottom
  • Compile the form that you see, take attention to the owner and make sure the visibity to "Public"

3. Modify it

  • You can clone on your PC and choose what and how to change (it's not a problem if you want to change all the structure :smile:)
  • Take attention to che .castellanidavide\change.json file
    • You can see some change examples => ... "from": "to", ...
    • Make attention to this special alias
      • sol<question_tag>sol -> the result of your answer in the form you made at the beginning
      • time__now -> Datetime (format yyyy-mm-dd)
      • time_now -> Datetime (format yyyymmdd)
      • (Do you have any idea? You can say me on the help email and I could add it to newer versions)
  • Rememper to push your changes

4. Add your account into research

  • Add your Own name into SOUCES_OF_TEMPLATES, keep attention to the order (i sugge

5. Try it

  • Try to execute this programm and check correct use



  • Added emoji :smile: to the output


  • Fixed a bug
  • Adjusted variable names
  • Added a method to understand when an answer is positive, this for a more centralized control
  • Added developer/ verbose setting
  • Update .gitignore
  • Added the possibility to add automatically the answers
  • Optimized
  • Now the workflows file are loaded at the end
  • Update workflows


  • Add first version of GitHub Actions


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Changed the
  • Create a setup method <= easier to use
  • Changed the way to give the tocken, ... => now by CLI


  • removed some untils lines
  • accelerated the code
  • parametrized the folder to be ignored
  • start to use multitreading (41 sec. -> 10 sec.) (I made this test using this template)
  • optimized imports
  • optimised variables


  • Added the website documentation
  • Fixed a bug


  • Fixed a bug
  • Add team selection in runtime execution


  • Fixed a bug
  • Made a better documentation
  • Optimized the question structure
  • Optimized the questions
  • Added some variables
    • Template sources list
    • Organization name (if you want to save into an Organization)
  • Removed some ununtil variables


  • Fixed a bug
  • Remove the necessity of insert credentials any time
  • Download in any case, before only if public repo
  • removed unused files


  • optimized the code
  • added requirements.txt


  • add GitHub support with a lot of options (eg. repo private or public)


  • adjusted some bugs
  • improved the program


  • Initial version

Made by Castellani Davide If you have any problem or ask please contact me:

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