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HSLayers-NG integrated into Wagtail CMS with Codered

Project description

HSLayers-NG map widget for Wagtail CodeRed CMS


  1. Copy whole codered-hslayers to the Wagtail root to a new folder named 'hslayers'

  2. Add 'hslayers' to the INSTALLED_APPS list in the settings/

    # This project
    # CodeRed CMS
  1. You have three options now:

    • Keep existing CodeRed 'Web Page', 'Article Landing Page' and 'Article Page' untouched and add a new page type 'Web Page Extended', 'Article Landing Page Extended' and 'Article Page Extended' with new widgets of hslayers

      • Run hslayers migrations
      $ python3 makemigrations hslayers
      • Go to point 4
    • Modify existing CodeRed 'Web Page' and/or 'Article Landing Page' and/or 'Article Page' type and add hslayers widgets to it

      • Edit Wagtail's file

        • Add those imports at the top
        from coderedcms.blocks import (
        from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _
        from hslayers import blocks
        from wagtail.core.fields import StreamField
        from wagtail.core.blocks import RawHTMLBlock
        • Replace code of WebPage and/or ArticleIndexPage and/or ArticlePage function with the WebPage2 and/or ArticleIndexPageExtended and/or ArticlePageExtended function code from the hslayers/ file
      • Delete WebPage2 and/or ArticleIndexPageExtended and/or ArticlePageExtended method in the hslayers/ file

      • In case of ArticleIndexPage and ArticlePage overriding, don't forget to modify subpage_types and parent_page_types to your needs. In this particular case delete 'hslayers.ArticlePageExtended' and 'hslayers.ArticleIndexPageExtended' from the code

      parent_page_types = ['website.ArticleIndexPage', 'hslayers.ArticleIndexPageExtended']
      subpage_types = ['website.ArticlePage', 'hslayers.ArticlePageExtended']
      • Go to point 4
    • Use hslayers widgets in any other Wagtail models

      • Take the code of WebPage2 and/or ArticleIndexPageExtended the hslayers/ file and modify it as you wish or use the widgets anywhere else
      • Go to point 4
  2. Update Wagtail migrations

$ python3 makemigrations
$ python3 migrate
$ python3 collectstatic
  1. Restart Wagtail

  2. New HSLayers blocks are added to the CMS

    • HSLayers map
    • Aligned Paragraph
    • Header

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