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A package for controlling CryoCon 22C Temperature Controllers

Project description

CryoCon 22C Temperature Controller

Install with python -m pip install cryocon-22c-controller


A CryoconController is a SCPI instrument and uses the easy-scpi package for means of communication. Thus, all the methods and properties of an easy_scpi.Instrument can be called.

Channels can be referenced either by their given name or their letter. All commands generate a response from the controller, so only queries are performed to keep command and response synched.


CryoconController( port, timeout, baud, backend, **resource_params ): Creates a new CryoconController instance.

max_temperatrue( loop ): Returns the maximum set point temperature of the given loop.

channel_max_temperatrue( loop ): Returns the maximum set point temperature of the loop controlling the given channel.

temperature( channel ): Returns the current temperature of the given channel

get_channel_loop( channel ): Returns the loop controlled by the given channel.

get_range( loop ): Gets the output range for the loop. Values are [ 'hi', 'mid', 'low' ].

set_range( loop, range ): Sets the ouput range for the loop. Range values are [ 'hi', 'mid', 'low' ].

get_ouput( loop ): Gets the power output of the loop as a fraction of the full range.

set_point( channel ): Returns the set point of the given channel.

set_temperature( channel, temperature ): Sets the set point of the controlling loop of the given channel.

lock( lock ): Locks or unlocks the front key pad.

enable(): Engages the temperature controller.

disable(): Stops the tempreature controller.

auto_adjust_range( low_threshold, high_threshold, channles ): Automatically adjusts the power range.


channels: A dictionary of aliases of the channels.

channel_names: A dictionary of given name of the channels.

loops: A dictionary of loop:input source pairs.

max_temps: A dictionary of maximum set point temperatures for each loop.

units: A dictionary of units for each channel.

enabled: Returns whether the temperature controller is currently engaged.


# import package
import cryocon_22c_controller as cc 

# Create a controller
cryo = cc.CryoconController( <port> )

# Connect to the controller

# Check if controller is connected (inherited from easy_scpi.Instrument)

# Get channel names

# Read the current set point temperature of channel a
cryo.set_point( 'a' )

# Set the desired temperature set point on channel b
cryo.set_temperature( 'b', 100 )

# Enable controller

# Disable controller

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