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Download candlestick data fast & easy for analysis

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crypto-candlesticks 📈

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The goal behind this project is to facilitate downloading cryptocurrency candlestick data fast & simple. Currently only the Bitfinex exchange is supported with more to come in future releases.

The command-line interface is built using Click, which is intuitive and will prompt you for the commands.

Once the data is downloaded, it will be converted and stored in a .csv, .sqlite3 and .pickle file for convenient analysis. The data will include the Open, High, Low, Close of the candles and the volume during the interval and its timestamp.

See documentation and Github repository.


To install the Crypto-candlesticks project, run this command in your terminal:

   pip install crypto-candlesticks

Or if you are using Poetry

    poetry add crypto-candlesticks


crypto-candlesticks can be used the following way:

    $ crypto-candlesticks
    "Welcome, what data do you wish to download?"

Which will prompt the following:

    Cryptocurrency symbol to download (ie. BTC, ETH, LTC):
    Base pair:
    Interval to download the candlestick data:
    Date to start downloading the data (ie. YYYY-MM-DD):
    Date up to the data will be downloaded (ie. YYYY-MM-DD):

Or you can pass the arguments yourself and skip the prompt:

   crypto-candlesticks [OPTIONS]

   -s <symbol>, --symbol <symbol>

   The ticker you wish to download,
   currently, only data from the Bitfinex exchange
   is supported.
   (e.g. [BTC|ETH|LTC] etc.)

   -b <base currency>, --base_currency <base currency>

    The base pair for the ticker.

   -i <interval>, --interval <interval>

    The interval for each bar.
    (e.g. [1m|5m|15m|30m|1h|3h|6h|12h|1D|7D|14D|1M])

   -sd <start date>, --start_date <start date>

    YYYY, MM, DD from which the candlestick data
    will start.
    (e.g. [2018-01-01])

   -ed <end date>, --end date <end date>

    YYYY, MM, DD up to which the candlestick
    data will be downloaded.
    (e.g. [2020-01-01])


   Display a short usage message and exit.

Example output for CSV ✅

Open Close High Low Volume Ticker Date Time
7203 7201 7203.7 7200.1 9.404174 BTC/USD 12/31/2019 16:00:00
7201 7223.6 7223.6 7201 7.9037398 BTC/USD 12/31/2019 16:01:00
7224.4 7225 7225.5 7224.4 0.4799298 BTC/USD 12/31/2019 16:02:00
7224.981 7225.9 7225.9 7224.981 0.9294573 BTC/USD 12/31/2019 16:03:00
7225.862 7225.7295 7225.9 7225.7295 0.2913202 BTC/USD 12/31/2019 16:04:00
7225.7 7225.8673 7225.9 7225.2973 1.0319704 BTC/USD 12/31/2019 16:05:00

Example output for SQL (the timestamp is shown in milliseconds) ✅

ID Timestamp Open Close High Low Volume Ticker Interval
1 1577868000000.0 7205.7 7205.8 7205.8 7205.7 0.07137942 BTCUSD 1m
2 1577867940000.0 7205.70155305 7205.8 7205.8 7205.70155305 0.035 BTCUSD 1m
3 1577867880000.0 7205.7 7205.70155305 7205.70155305 7205.7 0.025 BTCUSD 1m
4 1577867820000.0 7205.75299748 7205.75299748 7205.75299748 7205.7 0.075 BTCUSD 1m
5 1577867760000.0 7205.75299748 7205.2 7206.3 7205.2 0.005 BTCUSD 1m
6 1577867700000.0 7205.2 7205.2 7205.2 7205.2 4.5802 BTCUSD 1m

Feel free to open an issue or pull request.

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