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Python3 Wrapper for CryptoCompare public API

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Python wrapper for CryptoCompare API


cryptocmp provides to the CryptoCompare API in two ways:

  • Straight wrappers of the API calls in cryptocmp.api package.

  • A more user friendly mapping to these wrappers in object-oriented style via the following classes:

    • cryptocmp.coin.Coin represents a crypto coin.


pip3 install cryptocmp

or this can also work if you have only python3 installed (the symlink pip pointing to pip3 is created)

pip install cryptocmp



In object-oriented style:

  • Get a set of all available crypto coins:

    >>> from cryptocmp.coin import Coin
    >>> Coin.all()
    {'EOSDAC', 'GAP', 'ARN', 'SERA', 'ICASH', 'STAR*', 'AC3', ...}
  • Get a current price of BTC in USD:

    >>> from cryptocmp.coin import Coin
    >>> bitcoin = Coin('BTC')
    >>> bitcoin.price('USD')
  • Get a current price of BTC in USD, EUR and GBP at the same time (produces single API call under the hood):

    >>> from cryptocmp.coin import Coin
    >>> bitcoin = Coin('BTC')
    >>> bitcoin.price(('USD', 'EUR', 'GBP'))
    {'USD': 6316.17, 'EUR': 5540.34, 'GBP': 4977.23}``
  • Get last 2 candles of BTC/USD daily historical data:

    >>> CoinPair('BTC', 'USD').price_history(points_num=2)
            'time': 1534291200,
            'close': 6274.22,
            'high': 6620.07,
            'low': 6193.63,
            'open': 6199.63,
            'volumefrom': 132926.33,
            'volumeto': 852103141.83
            'time': 1534377600,
            'close': 6439.39,
            'high': 6439.39,
            'low': 6217.33,
            'open': 6274.22,
            'volumefrom': 24013.18,
            'volumeto': 152446768.26


Thanks to CryptoCompare for providing this service and building a nice community around everything crypto related.

Project was partially patched with files generated by Cookiecutter using cookiecutter-pypackage project template. Thanks to Audrey Roy Greenfeld and contributors who made python package creation so easy.

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