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A simple scrapper that uses and apis to populate an instant local database

Project description

Python : Simple Crypto currencies scrapper

This is a simple module that retrieve instant crypto currencies values in BTC and USD from and coinmarketcap apis

How to use

First install the package

pip install cryptocurrencies_scraper

Basic usage

from cryptocurrencies_scraper.CurrencyService import Manager
manager = Manager() # Create a new instance of the Manager
manager.update() # Ask the manager to update all currencies values

manager.all_currencies() # returns a dict that contain the currency name and symbol as key and currency information as a list
manager.get_curency('btc') # return the list of currency values retrived for bitcoin using symbol
manager.get_curency('bitcoin') # return the list of currency values retrived for bitcoin using name

Add your own scraper

A scraper should extends the CurrentPriceInterface. Here is a basic scheme for a new scraper

class MySourceForCurrencies(CurrentPriceInterface):
    instance = None
    URL = ''
    NAME = ""

    def get_instance(cls) -> 'CurrenciesFromCoinMarketCap':
        if cls.instance is None:
            cls.instance = MySourceForCurrencies()
        return cls.instance

    def __init__(self):

    def update_currency_list(self):

    def process_data(self, json_data: json) -> None:
        # Manipulate the the json to be Currency "parsable"
        c = Currency.parse_json(json_data, self.NAME)
        #When parsed, add it to the index 
        return None

In order for your scraper to be working you need to add it to the manager

from cryptocurrencies_scraper.CurrencyService import Manager
manager = Manager()

# you can also remove a source

Then on each manager.update() call your scraper will be called and currencies added to the Index


This class is used internally to index all currencies. When a new currency is added, it will be grouped by the symbol and the name (symbol upper, name lower case)

The only useful method is NameIndexes.get_instance().add_to_index(currency). On each update, it get completlly cleared from all old values.


This is the object that represent one currency here is the structure

    "symbol" : "BTC",
    "name" : "Bitcoin",
    "valueUSD" : 5513,
    "valueBTC": 1,
    "lastUpdate" : 1566531513813,
    "source" : "",
    "changes" : {
        "7d": -1,
        "24h": -5,
        "1h": -10

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