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Cryptoexchange asynchronous python client

Project description

cryptoxlib-aio 5.3.0

cryptoxlib-aio is a compact Python library providing access to REST and WEBSOCKET API of selected crypto exchanges.

cryptoxlib-aio is designed as an asynchronous library utilizing modern features of Python and those of supporting asynchronous libraries (mainly aiohttp).

What's been recently added

  • python 3.10 supported
  • coinmate cryptoexchange added!
  • bitpanda cancellation of all orders via websockets
  • binance BSwap (liquidity pools) endpoints
  • binance leveraged token endpoints
  • binance COIN-M futures endpoints
  • binance margin and USDS-M futures endpoints

For the full history of changes see CHANGELOG.

Main mission

Today there are numerous existing libraries targeting similar audience as cryptoxlib-aio. In order to achieve the broadest coverage of exchanges the supported API is often limited, the most apparent example being lack of websockets.

The mission of cryptoxlib-aio is to:

  • serve as a single entry point for various crypto exchanges
  • provide full REST API as well as full implementation of exchange's websockets. For free and without subscription plans.

Full support of websockets is the corner stone of cryptoxlib-aio which attempts to set cryptoxlib-aio apart from existing solutions which either do not provide websocket support or do not provide it for free.

You will also find out that our subject of interest are often exchanges not enjoying a seat in the mainstream crypto libraries and this is a way for them to reach developers community.

Disclaimer: By no means we are suggesting that existing libraries are inferior to cryptoxlib-aio, they just appeal to different endusers.


  • access to REST API as well as full support of websockets for selected exchanges (given websockets are provided by the exchange)
  • automatic connection management (reconnecting after remote termination, ...)
  • bundling of channels
  • lean architecture making it straightforward to implement API of a new exchange
  • fully asynchronous design aiming for the best performance
  • ready-made bundled examples for each exchange and product

List of supported exchanges

As mentioned earlier, all exchanges listed below include full support for websockets.

Name Docs
bibox Bibox API
bibox_europe BiboxEurope API
binance Binance (spot, margin, USDS-M futures, COIN-M futures, BLVT, BSwap) API
bitforex Bitforex API
bitpanda Bitpanda Pro API
bitvavo Bitvavo API
coinmate Coinmate API
eterbase Eterbase API
hitbtc HitBTC API
liquid Liquid API

Unlike REST API which is rather uniform across crypto exchanges websockets are often very exchange-specific and hence very time consuming to implement (which is the reason why they are not offered so broadly). Therefore cryptoxlib-aio comes at the cost of the number of exchanges it covers. This is in line with our ideology quality over quantity.

The list of supported exchanges will grow without any specific pattern, usually driven by personal needs. If there is a high demand for a new exchange/feature to be added, there is a high chance for it to happen (but not guranteed). For business related inquiries concerning customized changes tailored for the client please reach out via e-mail mentioned in the contacts.


pip install cryptoxlib-aio

In case you want to install the latest version from the repo, use

pip install git+


bitpanda = CryptoXLib.create_bitpanda_client(api_key)

print("Account balance:")
await bitpanda.get_account_balances()

print("Order book:")
await bitpanda.get_order_book(Pair("BTC", "EUR"))

print("Create limit order:")
await bitpanda.create_limit_order(Pair("BTC", "EUR"), OrderSide.BUY, "10000", "1")

# Create first bundle of subscriptions
    PricesSubscription([Pair("BTC", "EUR")]),
    OrderbookSubscription([Pair("BTC", "EUR")], "50", callbacks = [order_book_update]),
    CandlesticksSubscription([CandlesticksSubscriptionParams(Pair("BTC", "EUR"), TimeUnit.MINUTES, 1)]),
    MarketTickerSubscription([Pair("BTC", "EUR")])

# Bundle another subscriptions into a separate websocket
    OrderbookSubscription([Pair("ETH", "EUR")], "3", callbacks = [order_book_update]),

# Execute all websockets asynchronously
await bitpanda.start_websockets()

client = CryptoXLib.create_binance_client(api_key, sec_key)

print("Exchange info:")
await client.get_exchange_info()

print("Order book:")
await client.get_orderbook(pair = Pair('ETH', 'BTC'), limit = enums.DepthLimit.L_5)

print("Create limit order:")
await client.create_order(Pair("ETH", "BTC"), side = enums.OrderSide.BUY, type = enums.OrderType.LIMIT,
    quantity = "1",
    price = "0",
    time_in_force = enums.TimeInForce.GOOD_TILL_CANCELLED,
    new_order_response_type = enums.OrderResponseType.FULL)


# Bundle several subscriptions into a single websocket
    OrderBookTickerSubscription(callbacks = [orderbook_ticker_update]),
    OrderBookSymbolTickerSubscription(pair = Pair("BTC", "USDT"), callbacks = [orderbook_ticker_update]),
    TradeSubscription(pair = Pair('ETH', 'BTC'), callbacks = [trade_update]),
    CandlestickSubscription(Pair('BTC', 'USDT'), Interval.I_1MIN, callbacks = [candlestick_update])

# Bundle another subscriptions into a separate websocket
    AccountSubscription(callbacks = [account_update])

# Execute all websockets asynchronously
await client.start_websockets()


client = CryptoXLib.create_binance_client(api_key, sec_key)

print("BLVT symbol info:")
await client.get_blvt_info()

print("Subscribe BTCUP:")
await client.blvt_subscribe("BTCUP", "500000000")

print("Redeem BTCUP:")
await client.blvt_redeem("BTCUP", "500000000")


client = CryptoXLib.create_binance_client(api_key, sec_key)

print("All margin assets:")
await client.get_margin_all_assets()

print("Margin account balance:")
await client.get_margin_account()

# USDS-M futures REST API

client = CryptoXLib.create_binance_usds_m_futures_client(api_key, sec_key)

print("Index price candlesticks:")
await client.get_index_price_candlesticks(pair = Pair('BTC', 'USDT'), interval = enums.Interval.I_1MIN)

print("Index info:")
await client.get_index_info(pair = Pair('DEFI', 'USDT'))

# COIN-M futures REST API

client = CryptoXLib.create_binance_coin_m_futures_client(api_key, sec_key)

await client.create_order(symbol = 'BTCUSD_PERP', side = enums.OrderSide.BUY, type = enums.OrderType.LIMIT,
    quantity = "1",
    price = "0",
    time_in_force = enums.TimeInForce.GOOD_TILL_CANCELLED,
    new_order_response_type = enums.OrderResponseType.FULL)

# BinanceSwap REST API

client = CryptoXLib.create_binance_client(api_key, sec_key)

print('Swap pools:')
await client.get_bswap_pools()

print('Add liquidity:')
await client.bswap_add_liquidity(0, 'BTC', '10000000')

await client.bswap_swap(Pair('BTC', 'USDT'), '100000000000')

Examples for every exchange and product can be found in the folder examples.


  • to report issues, bugs, docu corrections or to propose new features use preferably Github Issues
  • for topics requiring more personal approach feel free to send an e-mail to


If you like the library and you feel like you want to support its further development, enhancements and bugfixing, then it will be of great help and most appreciated if you:

  • file bugs, proposals, pull requests, ...
  • spread the word
  • donate an arbitrary tip
    • BTC: 3GJPT6H6WeuTWR2KwDSEN5qyJq95LEErzf
    • ETH: 0xC7d8673Ee1B01f6F10e40aA416a1b0A746eaBe68
    • Binance Smart Chain tokens: 0xe37FaB52ed4c1C9a3d80896f2001Cb3284a1b619
    • XMR: 87vdCaWFN2YJEk3HKVJNaPBFsuwZTJocRfpGJ747dPQrFcrs6SQTmA3XDGyWUPoALuNnXezEbJXkbY8Y4VSxG4ReEFqxy5m

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