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Convenient command line and library wrapper for youtube-dl.

Project description

Convenient command line and library wrapper for youtube-dl.

Latest release 20220318:

  • YDLCommand.main: plumb options.parallel through to the OverYDL constructor.
  • Bump required revision for cs.cmdutils.

The youtube-dl tool and associated youtube_dl Python module are very useful for downloading media from various websites. However, as an end user who almost never streams because of my soggy internet link, I find fetching several items is quite serial and visually noisy.

This module provides a command line tool ydl which:

  • runs multiple downloads in parallel with progress bars
  • prints the downloaded filename as each completes

Interactively, I keep this shell function:

  ( set -ue
    [ -d "$dldir" ] || set-x mkdir "$dldir"
    cd "$dldir"
    command ydl ${1+"$@"}

which runs the downloader in my preferred download area without tedious manual cding.

Function main(argv=None)

Main command line.

Class OverYDL

A manager for multiple YDL instances.

Method OverYDL.queue(self, *a, **kw): Queue a fetch of url and return a Result.

Method OverYDL.queue_iter(self, urls): Queue the URLs of the iterable urls, essentially a convenience wrapper for the queue method. Returns a list of the Results for each queued URL.

Method, Rs=None): Wrapper returning Rs defaults to list(self.Rs, the accumulated Results.

Class YDL

Manager for a download process.

Method YDL.__init__(self, url, *, fstags, upd=None, tick=None, over_progress=None, sem, **kw_opts): Initialise the manager.


  • url: the URL to download
  • fstags: mandatory keyword argument, a cs.fstags.FSTags instance
  • upd: optional cs.upd.Upd instance for progress reporting
  • tick: optional callback to indicate state change
  • over_progress: an OverProgress to which to add each new Progress instance
  • sem: a shared Semaphore governing download parallelism
  • kw_opts: other keyword arguments are used to initialise the options for the underlying YoutubeDL instance

Method Return the Result for this download, starting the download if necessary.

Property YDL.output_filename: The target output filename.

Method YDL.process_info(ie_result): Process info hook called by youtube_dl, seems uncalled :-(

Class YDLCommand(cs.cmdutils.BaseCommand)

ydl command line implementation.

Command line usage:

Usage: ydl [-f] [-j jobs] {URLs|-}...
    -f      Force download - do not use the cache.
    -j jobs Number of jobs (downloads) to run in parallel.
            Default: 4

Method YDLCommand.apply_defaults(self): Initial defaults options.

Method YDLCommand.apply_opts(self, opts): Command line main switches.

Method YDLCommand.main(self, argv): Command line main programme.

Release Log

Release 20220318:

  • YDLCommand.main: plumb options.parallel through to the OverYDL constructor.
  • Bump required revision for cs.cmdutils.

Release 20210906: New -j jobs options to control parallelism, default 4.

Release 20210404: Update for recent cs.cmdutils change.

Release 20210306: Assorted internal updates.

Release 20200621:

  • just catch the youtube_dl DownloadError.
  • Changes to the default output filename template.
  • Other minor internal changes.

Release 20200615.1: Add usage message to docstring.

Release 20200615:

  • Initial "daemon" mode, suitable for "tail -f .ydld-queue | ydl -", handy for keeping around in a tmux session.
  • Assorted small bugfixes.

Release 20200521: Initial PyPI release.

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