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Assorted debugging facilities.

Project description

Assorted debugging facilities.

  • Lock, RLock, Thread: wrappers for threading facilties; simply import from here instead of there

  • thread_dump, stack_dump: dump thread and stack state

  • @DEBUG: decorator to wrap functions in timing and value debuggers

  • @trace: decorator to report call and return from functions

  • @trace_caller: decorator to report caller of function

  • TracingObject: subclass of cs.obj.Proxy that reports attribute use

Function DEBUG(f, force=False)

Decorator to wrap functions in timing and value debuggers.

Function debug_object_shell(o, prompt=None)

Interactive prompt for inspecting variables.

Class DebuggingLock

MRO: DebugWrapper, cs.obj.O
Wrapper class for threading.Lock to trace creation and use. cs.threads.Lock() returns on of these in debug mode or a raw threading.Lock otherwise.

Class DebuggingRLock

MRO: DebugWrapper, cs.obj.O
Wrapper class for threading.RLock to trace creation and use. cs.threads.RLock() returns on of these in debug mode or a raw threading.RLock otherwise.

Class DebugShell

MRO: cmd.Cmd
An interactive prompt for python statements, attached to /dev/tty by default.

Class DebugWrapper

MRO: cs.obj.O
Base class for classes presenting debugging wrappers.

Function DF(func, *a, **kw)

Wrapper for a function call to debug its use. Requires rewriting the call from f(*a, *kw) to DF(f, *a, **kw). Alternatively one could rewrite as DEBUG(f)(*a, **kw).

Function Lock()

Factory function: if cs.logutils.logging_level <= logging.DEBUG then return a DebuggingLock, otherwise a threading.Lock.

Function openfiles(substr=None, pid=None)

Run lsof(8) against process pid returning paths of open files whose paths contain substr. substr: default substring to select by; default returns all paths. pid: process to examine; default from os.getpid().

Function RLock()

Factory function: if cs.logutils.logging_level <= logging.DEBUG then return a DebuggingRLock, otherwise a threading.RLock.

Function selftest(module_name, defaultTest=None, argv=None)

Called by my unit tests.

Function stack_dump(stack=None, limit=None, logger=None, log_level=None)

Dump a stack trace to a logger. stack: a stack list as returned by traceback.extract_stack. If missing or None, use the result of traceback.extract_stack(). limit: a limit to the number of stack entries to dump. If missing or None, dump all entries. logger: a logger.Logger ducktype or the name of a logger. If missing or None, obtain a logger from logging.getLogger(). log_level: the logging level for the dump. If missing or None, use cs.logutils.logging_level.

Function thread_dump(Ts=None, fp=None)

Write thread identifiers and stack traces to the file fp. Ts: the Threads to dump; if unspecified use threading.enumerate(). fp: the file to which to write; if unspecified use sys.stderr.

Class TimingOutLock

A Lock replacement which times out, used for locating deadlock points.

Function trace(func)

Decorator to report the call and return of a function.

Function trace_caller(func)

Decorator to report the caller of a function when called.

Class TraceSuite

Context manager to trace start and end of a code suite.

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