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convenience functions and classes for files and filenames/pathnames

Project description

  • Pathname: subclass of str with convenience properties useful for pathnames

  • BackedFile: a RawIOBase implementation that uses a backing file for initial data and writes new data to a front file

  • SharedAppendFile: a base class to share a modifiable file between multiple users

  • SharedAppendLines: a subclass of SharedAppendFile which shares updates in units oftext lines

  • FileState: a signature object for a file state derived from os.stat or os.lstat or os.fstat; has .mtime, .size, .dev and .ino attributes

  • Tee: an output file-like object for copying data to multiple output files

  • abspath_from_file: restore relative path with respect to another path, as for an include filename

  • chunks_of: generator yielding text or data from an open file until EOF

  • lines_of: generator yielding lines of text from an open file until EOF

  • compare: compare two filenames or file-like objects for content equality

  • @file_property: decorator for a caching property whose value is recomputed if the file changes

  • make_file_property: constructor for variants on @file_property

  • @files_property: decorator for a caching property whose value is recomputed if any of a set of files changes

  • make_files_property: constructor for variants on @files_property

  • lockfile: context manager to take a lock file around an operation, such as access to a shared file

  • shortpath: return path with the first matching leading prefix replaced with short form such as “~/” or “$LOGDIR/” etc

  • longpath: the inverse of shortpath

  • mkdirn: create a new directory named path+sep+n, where n exceeds any name already present

  • poll_file: watch a file for modification by polling its state as obtained by FileState

  • rewrite: rewrite the content of a file if changed; with an assortment of modes

  • rewrite_cmgr: a context manager made from rewrite()

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