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Graphviz utility functions.

Project description

Graphviz utility functions.

Latest release 20220805.1: New DOTNodeMixin, a mixin for classes which can be rendered as a DOT node.

See also the [](graphviz documentation) and particularly the [](DOT language specification) and the [](dot command line tool).

Class DOTNodeMixin

A mixin providing methods for things which can be drawn as nodes in a DOT graph description.

Function gvprint(dot_s, file=None, fmt=None, layout=None, **dot_kw)

Print the graph specified by dot_s, a graph in graphViz DOT syntax, to file (default sys.stdout) in format fmt using the engine specified by layout (default 'dot').

If fmt is unspecified it defaults to 'png' unless file is a terminal in which case it defaults to 'sixel'.

This uses the graphviz utility dot to draw graphs. If printing in SIXEL format the img2sixel utility is required, see

Function quote(s)

Quote a string for use in DOT syntax. This implementation passes identifiers and sequences of decimal numerals through unchanged and double quotes other strings.

Release Log

Release 20220805.1: New DOTNodeMixin, a mixin for classes which can be rendered as a DOT node.

Release 20220805: Initial PyPI release.

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