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Result and friends: various subclassable classes for deferred delivery of values.

Project description

Result and friends: various subclassable classes for deferred delivery of values.

Latest release 20210420: Update dependencies, add docstring.

A Result is the base class for several callable subclasses which will receive values at a later point in time, and can also be used standalone without subclassing.

A call to a Result will block until the value is received or the Result is cancelled, which will raise an exception in the caller. A Result may be called by multiple users, before or after the value has been delivered; if the value has been delivered the caller returns with it immediately. A Result's state may be inspected (pending, running, ready, cancelled). Callbacks can be registered via a Result's .notify method.

An incomplete Result can be told to call a function to compute its value; the function return will be stored as the value unless the function raises an exception, in which case the exception information is recorded instead. If an exception occurred, it will be reraised for any caller of the Result.

Trite example::

R = Result(name="my demo")

Thread 1: # this blocks until the Result is ready value = R() print(value) # prints 3 once Thread 2 (below) assigns to it

Thread 2: R.result = 3

Thread 3: value = R() # returns immediately with 3

You can also collect multiple Results in completion order using the report() function::

Rs = [ ... list of Results of whatever type ... ] ... for R in report(Rs): x = R() # collect result, will return immediately because # the Result is complete print(x) # print result

Function after(Rs, R, func, *a, **kw)

After the completion of Rs call func(*a,**kw) and return its result via R; return the Result object.


  • Rs: an iterable of Results.
  • R: a Result to collect to result of calling func. If None, one will be created.
  • func, a, kw: a callable and its arguments.

Class AsynchState(enum.Enum)

State tokens for Results.

Function bg(func, *a, **kw)

Dispatch a Thread to run func, return a Result to collect its value.


  • _name: optional name for the Result, passed to the initialiser
  • _extra: optional extra data for the Result, passed to the initialiser

Other parameters are passed to func.

Class CancellationError(builtins.Exception,builtins.BaseException)

Raised when accessing result or exc_info after cancellation.

Class OnDemandFunction(Result)

Wrap a callable, run it when required.

Class OnDemandResult(Result)

Wrap a callable, run it when required.

Function report(LFs)

Generator which yields completed Results.

This is a generator that yields Results as they complete, useful for waiting for a sequence of Results that may complete in an arbitrary order.

Class Result

Basic class for asynchronous collection of a result. This is also used to make OnDemandFunctions, LateFunctions and other objects with asynchronous termination.

Method Result.__init__(self, name=None, lock=None, result=None, extra=None)

Base initialiser for Result objects and subclasses.


  • name: optional parameter naming this object.
  • lock: optional locking object, defaults to a new threading.Lock.
  • result: if not None, prefill the .result property.
  • extra: a mapping of extra information to associate with the Result, useful to provide context when collecting the result; the Result has a public attribute .extra which is an AttrableMapping to hold this information.

Method Result.__call__(self, *a, **kw)

Call the result: wait for it to be ready and then return or raise.

You can optionally supply a callable and arguments, in which case callable(*args,**kwargs) will be called via and the results applied to this Result.

Method, func, *a, **kw)

Submit a function to compute the result in a separate Thread; returning the Thread.

This dispatches a Thread to run,*a,**kw) and as such the Result must be in "pending" state, and transitions to "running".

Method, func, *a, **kw)

Have the Result call func(*a,**kw) and store its return value as self.result. If func raises an exception, store it as self.exc_info.

Method Result.cancel(self)

Cancel this function. If self.state is pending or cancelled, return True. Otherwise return False (too late to cancel).

Property Result.cancelled

Test whether this Result has been cancelled.

Method Result.empty(self)

Analogue to Queue.empty().

Property Result.exc_info

The exception information from a completed Result. This is not available before completion.

Method Result.get(self, default=None)

Wait for readiness; return the result if exc_info is None, otherwise default.

Method Result.join(self, *a, **kw)

Calling the .join() method waits for the function to run to completion and returns a tuple as for the WorkerThreadPool's .dispatch() return queue, a tuple of: result, exc_info On completion the sequence: result, None is returned. If an exception occurred computing the result the sequence: None, exc_info is returned where exc_info is a tuple of (exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback). If the function was cancelled the sequence: None, None is returned.

Method Result.notify(self, notifier)

After the function completes, run notifier(self).

If the function has already completed this will happen immediately. Note: if you'd rather self got put on some Queue Q, supply Q.put.

Property Result.pending

Whether the Result is pending.

Method Result.put(self, value)

Store the value. Queue-like idiom.

Method Result.raise_(self, exc=None)

Convenience wrapper for self.exc_info to store an exception result exc. If exc is omitted or None, use sys.exc_info().

Property Result.ready

Whether the Result state is ready or cancelled.

Property Result.result

The result. This property is not available before completion.

Method Result.with_result(self, submitter, prefix=None)

On completion without an exception, call submitter(self.result) or report exception.

Class ResultSet(builtins.set)

A set if Results, on which one may iterate as Results complete.

Method ResultSet.__iter__(self)

Iterating on a ResultSet yields Results as they complete.

Method ResultSet.wait(self)

Convenience function to wait for all the Results.

Class ResultState(enum.Enum)

State tokens for Results.

Release Log

Release 20210420: Update dependencies, add docstring.

Release 20210407: New ResultSet(set) class, with context manager and wait methods, and whose iter iterates completed Results.

Release 20210123: bg: accept optional _extra parameter for use by the Result.

Release 20201102: Result: now .extra attribute for associated data and a new optional "extra" parameter in the initialiser.

Release 20200521:

  • OnDemandResult: bugfixes and improvements.
  • accept optional _name parameter to specify the

Release 20191007:

  • Simplify ResultState definition.
  • use to dispatch the Thread.

Release 20190522:

  • now accepts an optional callable and args.
  • set the Result state to "running" before dispatching the function.
  • Rename OnDemandFunction to OnDemandResult, keep old name around for compatibility.
  • Result._complete: also permitted if state==cancelled.

Release 20190309: Small bugfix.

Release 20181231:

  • report baser exceptions than BaseException.
  • Drop _PendingFunction abstract class.

Release 20181109.1: DISTINFO update.

Release 20181109:

  • Derive CancellationError from Exception instead of RuntimeError, fix initialiser.
  • Rename AsynchState to ResultState and make it an Enum.
  • Make Results hashable and comparable for equality for use as mapping keys: equality is identity.
  • New Result.collected attribute, set true if .result or .exc_info are accessed, logs an error if Result.del is called when false, may be set true externally if a Result is not required.
  • Drop final parameter; never used and supplanted by Result.notify.
  • Result.join: return the .result and .exc_info properties in order to mark the Result as collected.
  • Result: set .collected to True when a notifier has been called successfully.
  • Bugfix Result.cancel: apply the new cancelled state.

Release 20171231:

  • Bugfix to catch BaseException instead of Exception.
  • New convenience function bg(func) to dispatch func in a separate Thread and return a Result to collect its value.

Release 20171030.1: Fix module requirements specification.

Release 20171030: New, *a, **kw) method to dispatch function in separate Thread to compute the Result value.

Release 20170903: rename cs.asynchron to cs.result

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