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Python utility for Cloud Storage for Firebase.

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Python utility for Cloud Storage for Firebase.

What is This?

In order to use Google Cloud Storage with the Firebase framework, you have to:

  • Give an access token to uploaded files,
  • Publish a URL with an access token for the domain
  • As a further application, you may want to grant a new access token, remove an existing access token, or in a real use case, get a instance from a URL.

Unfortunately google-cloud-storage package does not provide the functions for them.

But by using cloud-storage-for-firebase-utils you can easily achieve them👍.


Quick Start

First, install by pip intall csfutils . Second, prepare a target file stars⭐.jpg . Finally, run below code❗

from import Blob, Bucket, Client

# Import package
# ==============
import csfutils

# Initialize, Bucket and Blob instances
# =================================================================
storage: Client = Client()
bucket: Bucket = storage.bucket("")  # PUT YOUR BUCKET NAME
blob: Blob = bucket.blob("images/stars⭐.jpg")  # PUT PATH ON CLOUD STORAGE YOU WANT

# 🔥Upload "./stars⭐.jpg" to Cloud Storage for Firebase
# ======================================================
uploaded_url: str = csfutils.upload_from_filename_for_firebase(blob, "./stars⭐.jpg")
# --> uploaded_url=

# csfutils.upload_from_file_for_firebase() and csfutils.upload_from_string_for_firebase() also exist.

# 🔥Add, get and delete an access token
# =====================================
current_access_token = csfutils.get_access_token(blob)
assert type(current_access_token) is str
# --> current_access_token=f7d0815d-96f8-4907-b22c-70ad9e38d7ff

new_access_token: str = csfutils.add_access_token(blob)
# --> new_access_token=e0d97b72-44c3-415d-8d88-1e3aeae2fc28

access_tokens = csfutils.get_access_token(blob)
assert isinstance(access_tokens, list)
# --> current_access_token=['f7d0815d-96f8-4907-b22c-70ad9e38d7ff','e0d97b72-44c3-415d-8d88-1e3aeae2fc28']

csfutils.delete_access_token(blob, new_access_token)
# --> latest_access_token=f7d0815d-96f8-4907-b22c-70ad9e38d7ff

# 🔥Get instance from URL
# =================================================
blob_ref_from_url: Blob = csfutils.ref_from_url(
# --> blob_ref_from_url == storage.bucket("").get_blob("images/stars✧.jpg")

Bonus Track

from csfutils

# BONUS 1: Get instance
# =================================================
storage: Client = csfutils.init_storage("./your_service_account.json")

# BONUS 2: Parse URL to bucket name & path
# ========================================
bucket_name, path = csfutils.parse_url("")
# -->,path=images/stars⭐.jpg

# BONUS 3: Get 3 URLs:, and
# ========================================================================================================
blob: Blob = storage.bucket(bucket_name).blob(path)

firestorage_url = csfutils.get_download_url(blob)
# --> firestorage_url=

public_url = csfutils.get_download_url(blob, csfutils.UrlType.PUBLIC_URL)
# --> firestorage_url=

authenticated_url = csfutils.get_download_url(blob, csfutils.UrlType.AUTHENTICATED_URL)
# --> authenticated_url=

# BONUS 4: Get GS path
# ====================
gs_path = csfutils.get_gs_path(blob)
# --> gs_path=gs://⭐.jpg


MIT License

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