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Removes rows containing blacklisted words from a CSV file.

Project description

CSV Cleaner is an Apache 2.0 licensed Python library that removes rows containing blacklisted words from a CSV file.


`python >>> import csvcleaner >>> f = csvcleaner.CSVCleaner() >>>'/path/to/file.csv') `

When run is called, CSV Cleaner will loop through each row within the CSV file and search for blacklisted words.

When a row is rejected because it contains a blacklisted word, it’s moved to a [name]-rejected.csv file. Accepted rows are moved to a [name]-accepted.csv file. Both files are saved in the same directory as the original CSV file.


To install CSV Cleaner, simply run:

`bash $ pip install csvcleaner `


CSVCleaner accepts several parameters:

`python >>> import csvcleaner >>> f = csvcleaner(blacklist=[], replace_chars=[], configure=True, lowercase=True, strict=False) `

#### blacklist

A list of characters or words that are used to determine if a row is rejected.

Default: [] (unless configure is True)

#### replace_chars

A list of words or characters that are replaced by a space in order to make word detection more accurate and effective.

Default: [] (unless configure is True)

#### configure

When True, CSV Cleaner will use recommended lists for blacklist and replace_chars. These recommended lists will only be used if blacklist and replace_chars are ommitted during class instantiation or contain an empty list. Set to False if you intend to supply custom lists for blacklist and replace_chars.

Default: True.

#### lowercase

When True, all characters and strings will be converted to lowercase for more accurate word detection. When a row is inserted into [name]-accepted.csv or [name]-rejected.csv, its original case remains. Set to False if case matching is important.

Default: True.

#### strict

When True, rows that may contain (e.g., fuzzy matches) blacklisted words or characters are rejected.

Default: False.


CSV Cleaner includes a blacklist that’s used when configure is True and blacklist is left empty. This blacklist is maintained by [Shutterstock]( on [Github](

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