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A tool to manipulate csv files with headers.

Project description

csvspoon: a tool to manipulate csv file with headers

Again, again, and again.

Python module

All methods and functions are accessible in the python module.

Cli example

csvspoon cat: Concatenate CSV files

  • Change delimiter of a csv file:
csvspoon cat -d "\t" -u ";" file.csv > result.csv
  • Change delimiter of a csv file with specified output:
csvspoon cat -o result.csv -d "\t" -u ";" file.csv
  • Cat two csv files:
csvspoon cat file1.csv file2.csv
  • Reformat two columns of a csv files:
csvspoon cat -f a_colname:5.1f -f another_colname:04d file.csv
  • Cat one csv file, keeping only a column:
csvspoon cat file.csv:a_col
  • Cat two csv files, renaming a column on the second file:
csvspoon cat file1.csv file2.csv:new_col=old_col,another_col

csvspoon apply: Apply functions to add columns

  • Combine text columns by a formula:
csvspoon apply -a name "lastname.upper()+' '+firstname.lower()" file.csv
  • Sum to integer columns:
csvspoon apply -t cola:int -t colb:int -a colsum "cola+colb" file.csv
  • Sum to integer columns and format the result:
csvspoon apply -t cola:int -t colb:int -a colsum:05d "cola+colb" file.csv
  • Compute complex expression between columns:
csvspoon apply \
        -b "import math" \
        -t x:float \
        -t y:float \
        -a norm "math.sqrt(x**2+y**2)" \
  • Multiple computation can be done reusing newly created columns:
csvspoon apply -t x:int -a x2p1 "x**2+1" -a x2p1m1 "x2p1-1" file.csv

csvspoon sort: Sort CSV file

  • Sort csv file using column cola:
csvspoon sort -k cola file.csv
  • Sort csv file using columns cola and colb:
csvspoon sort -k cola -k colb file.csv
  • Sort csv file using numerical mode on column numcol:
csvspoon sort -n -k numcol file.csv
  • Shuffle csv file:
csvspoon sort -R file.csv

csvspoon filter: Filter CSV from given conditions

  • Filter csv file using two columns:
csvspoon filter -a "lastname!=firstname" file.csv
  • Chain filters on csv file:
csvspoon filter \
        -a "lastname.startswith('Doe')" \
        -a "firstname.starswith('John')" \
  • Filter csv file with float column price:
csvspoon filter -t price:float -a "price>12.5" file.csv
  • Filter csv file with complex expression:
csvspoon filter \
        -b "import math" \
        -t x:float \
        -t y:float \
        -t z:float \
        -a "math.sqrt(x**2+y**2)>z" \

csvspoon join: Join CSV files

  • Operate NATURAL JOIN on two csv files:
csvspoon join file1.csv file2.csv
  • Operate two NATURAL JOIN on three csv files:
csvspoon join file1.csv file2.csv file3.csv
  • Operate LEFT JOIN on two csv files
csvspoon join -l file1.csv file2.csv

csvspoon aggregate: Compute aggregation on CSV file

  • Computing the total mean grade:
csvspoon aggregate \
        -b "import numpy as np" \
        -t grade:float \
        -a meangrade "np.mean(grade)" \
  • Computing the total mean grade specifing a format:
csvspoon aggregate \
        -b "import numpy as np" \
        -t grade:float \
        -a meangrade:.2f "np.mean(grade)" \
  • Computing the mean grade by group:
csvspoon aggregate \
        -b "import numpy as np" \
        -t grade:float \
        -a meangrade "np.mean(grade)" \
        -k group \
  • Computing the mean grade, median, standard deviation by group:
csvspoon aggregate \
        -b "import numpy as np" \
        -t grade:float \
        -a meangrade "np.mean(grade)" \
        -a mediangrade "np.median(grade)" \
        -a stdgrade "np.std(grade)" \
        -k group \

Project details

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