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Project description


A box for CTF challenges with some sugar functions, Just enjoy it

Current version: 1.2.1

Please use python 3.6+


All you need to do is

pip install ctfbox



from ctfbox import * # Will not import the pwn part, please check the Pwn Usage section below
# enjoy it

Pwn Usage

# Don't support windows
from pwn import * # import pwntools
# set pwntools config...
# context.os = 'linux'
# context.log_level = 'debug'
# context.arch = 'amd64'
from ctfbox.pwntools.config import Config # import confit for pwn part of ctfbox
# set necessary config 
- local(bool) : connect to local binary / remote address, default: True
- bin(str)    : the binary path, e.g. './pwn'
- address(str): the remote address, e.g. ''
- pie(bool)   : whether the memory address is randomized, default: False
Config.local = True
Config.address = ""
Config.bin = "./bin"
# import pwn part
from ctfbox.pwn import *

now you can use the below attributes/functions

slog // empty dictionary, you can set the leaked address and corresponding name. e.g. slog['libc'] = libc_addr
elf  // pwntools.ELF(binaray)
cn   // a connect to local binary or remote address
re   // lambda of cn.recv(m, t)
recv // lambda of cn.recv()
ru   // lambda of cn.recvuntil(x)
rl   // lambda of cn.recvline()
sd   // lambda of cn.send(x)
sl   // lambda of cn.sendline(x)
ia   // lambda of cn.interactive()
sla  // lambda of cn.sendlineafter(a, b)
sa   // lambda of cn.sendafter(a, b)
ft   // ft(arg, f=pwnlib.util.cyclic.de_bruijn(), l=None) lambda of flat(*arg, filler=f, length=l)
gdba // gdba(bps) debug, argument bps save the breakpoint address, breakpoint can also be automatically set when pie is turned on, need pmap command
slog_show // print all set slogs, in hexadecimal format



Some functions with names similar to PHP, close to intuition

  • url_encode(s: str, encoding: str = 'utf-8') -> str
  • url_decode(s: str, encoding: str = 'utf-8') -> str
  • base64_decode(s: str, encoding='utf-8') -> str
  • base64_encode(s: str, encoding='utf-8') -> str
  • json_encode(obj) -> object
  • json_decode(data) -> str
  • jwt_decode(token: str) -> bytes
  • jwt_encode(header: dict, payload: dict, key=None, algorithm=None) -> str
  • bin2hex(s: str) -> str
  • hex2bin(s: str) -> str
  • sha1(s: str, encoding='utf-8') -> str
  • sha256(s: str, encoding='utf-8') -> str
  • md5(s: str, encoding='utf-8') -> str
  • random_int(minN: int = 0, maxN: int = 1024) -> int
  • random_string(n: int = 32, alphabet: str = "") -> str

Some functions that may be used in web

  • get_flask_pin(username: str, absRootPath: str, macAddress: str, machineId: str, modName: str = "", appName: str = "Flask") -> str

Some functions that may be used in reverse engineering

  • print data in hex format: printHex()
  • pack number into bytes: p16(), p32(), p64()
  • unpack number from bytes: u16(), u32(), u64()

please refer to source code for functions signatures and usage

Some functions that may be used in misc


Some other functions

  • od_parse(data: str) -> Dict[str, Union[str, list]]


Some functions Write by ourselves

  • Threader(number: int, timeout: int = None, retry: int = 2)
     A simple decorator function that can decorate the function to make it multi-threaded.
    Here is a example.
    from ctfbox import Threader, random_string, random_int
    from time import sleep
    def exp(i: int):
        sleep(random_int(1, 5))
        return "%d : %s" % (i, random_string())
     tasks = [exp(i) for i in range(100)] # 100 tasks
     for task in tasks: 
         # task.result return when a task completed
         # task is a concurrent.futures.Future with some sugar attributes
         print('result: %s running: %s done: %s exception: %s' % (task.result, task.running, task.done, task.exception))
  • provide(host: str = "", port: int = 2005, isasync: bool = False, files: List[Tuple[Union[filepath, content], routePath, contentType]] = {})
    A simple and customizable http server.
    Here are some examples.
    # provide a exist file named index.html
    # Here is a trick if you provide only one file
    # route /index.html provide content Hello world\n
    provide(files=[(b"Hello world\\n", "/index.html")])
    # provide some files
    provide(files=[("test.txt", ), ("index.html", )])
  • hashAuth(startIndex: int = 0, endIndex: int = 5, answer: str = "", maxRange: int = 1000000, threadNum: int = 25, hashType: HashType = HashType.MD5) -> str
    A function used to blast the first few bits of the hash, often used to crack the ctf verification code
    Here are some examples.
    ### HashType optional value: HashType.MD5, HashType.SHA1, HashType.SHA256, HashType.SHA512
    ### Crack the first five number MD5 type ctf verification codes
    ### Crack the first five number SHA1 type ctf verification codes
    print(hashAuth(answer="d13ce", hashType=HashType.SHA1))
    #### Crack more quickly!!
    print(hashAuth(answer="c907773", endIndex=7, threadNum=50))
    ### Make the range bigger!!
    print(hashAuth(answer="59e711d", endIndex=7, maxRange=2000000))
  • httpraw(raw: Union[bytes, str], **kwargs -> requests.Response):
    Send raw request by python-requests
    Allow kwargs:
    - proxies(dict) : requests proxies
    - timeout(float): requests timeout
    - verify(bool)  : requests verify
    - real_host(str): use real host instead of Host if set
    - ssl(bool)     : whether https



  • requests
  • PyJWT







  • fix a bug that httpraw may not be able to send post request correctly
  • fix a bug that could not solve port
  • fix a bug that real_host could not use
  • fix a bug that may cause encoding error


  • add dev dependencies: icecream
  • add some functions:
    • od_parse
    • get_flask_pin
    • httpraw
    • p16 p32 p64 and uXX functions
    • Base32 and Base64 table getter


  • move project to new directory
  • update, added missing functions


  • add pwn part, please see Pwn Usage
  • add some functions that may be used in reverse
  • update hashAuth functions
    • error if startIndex is less than endIndex
    • if startIndex is zero and length of hash(endIndex - startIndex) is not equal to length of answer, endIndex will be set to length of answer
  • update, add usage and contributors, Supplementary dependency: PyJWT


  • update


  • update


  • first commit

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