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Find and replace command line tool

Project description

# ctrshif

ctrshif stands for _ctrl+shift+f_ (find and replace)

## Usage

usage: [-h] --section SECTION --values-file VALUES_FILE
(--template-file TEMPLATE_FILE | --template-list TEMPLATE_LIST)
[--prefix-delimiter PREFIX_DELIMITER]
[--suffix-delimiter SUFFIX_DELIMITER] [--no-delimiters]

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--section SECTION the section of your .ini values file
--values-file VALUES_FILE
the location of your .ini values file
--template-file TEMPLATE_FILE
file which will be rendered
--template-list TEMPLATE_LIST
file containing a list of files which will be rendered
--prefix-delimiter PREFIX_DELIMITER
templating prefix delimiter, default: <%=
--suffix-delimiter SUFFIX_DELIMITER
templating suffix delimiter, default: %>
--no-delimiters no delimiters, only find and replace
--dry-run outputs in the terminal instead of writing to file

## Examples

Print to stdout (`--dry-run`) the replacement of all occurences found in `data.xml` with values from the section `[production]` within `values.ini`, delimiters are always assumed to be `<%=` and `%>` unless otherwise specified:
./ --section=production --values=values.ini --template=data.xml --dry-run

Replace (write to file) all occurences found in each file (separeted by line) from `list_of_files.txt` with values from section `[production]` within `values.ini`:
./ --section=production --values=values.ini --template-list=list_of_files.txt

Replace (write to file) all occurences found in `users.json` with values from section `[acceptance]` within `values.ini` surrounded by the delimiters `{{` and `}}`:
./ --section=acceptance --values=values.ini --template=users.json --prefix-delimiter="{{" --suffix-delimiter="}}"

Replace (write to file) all occurences found in `` with values from section `[default]` within `bash.ini`, without delimiters (word replacement):
./ --section=default --values=bash.ini --no-delimiters

## Values file

The values file follow .ini format, and needs at least one section defined between brackets, ex: `[section]`.

node_hostname =
node_ipaddr = 192.168.0
node_path = /var/log/syslog
node_timeout = 120

node_hostname =
node_ipaddr = 192.169.0
node_path = /var/log/syslog
node_timeout = 120

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