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Add jsonb type to CubicWeb

Project description

Add a new attribue type to CubicWeb: Jsonb. This type is mapped to the jsonb PostgreSQL data type.


In your schemas, you can use the new type as follow:

>>> class MyEntityType(EntityType):
...     json_attribute = Jsonb(required=True)


To provide a value for a Jsonb attribute, you can use either:

  • a dict,

  • a JSON string.

For example, you can write the following code:

>>> my_entity.cw_set(json_attribute={'a': [1, 2, 3]})

The code below wil have exactly the same effect:

>>> my_entity.cw_set(json_attribute=u'{"a": [1, 2, 3]}')

Please note that, whatever way you set the value (string or dict), you will always get back a dict when asking for it:

>>> my_entity.json_attribute
{u'a': [1, 2, 3]}


In RQL, you can query a Jsonb attribute in multiple ways. For example, you can ask for attributes containing a specific key/value pair:

>>> import json
>>> rql('Any X WHERE X json_attribute J HAVING JSONB_CONTAINS(J, %(json_value)s)=True',
        {'json_value': json.dumps({u'a': 1})})

You can ask for existence of a specific key:

>>> rql('Any X WHERE X json_attribute J HAVING JSONB_EXISTS(J, %(key)s)=True',
        {'key': u'b'})

You can get the value for a key:

>>> rql('Any JSONB_GET(J, %(key)s) WHERE X json_attribute J, X eid %(eid)s',
        {'key': u'a', 'eid': 1234})

Note: JSONB_GET() will always return a string. If the value is a JSON object (or a JSON array), you may want to use json.loads() afterwards to have a dict (or a list).

One final remark: as the PostgreSQL documentation suggests, you should use the same structure for your JSON data in the same column. This makes querying much easier.

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