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Version controlled wiki component for the CubicWeb framework

Project description


This is a version controlled wiki component for the CubicWeb framework.

It uses Mercurial as a content storage and can be edited both with your favorite editor and the web GUI.


The wiki web GUI usage should be pretty straightforward. It can be used to:

  • create a page in the wiki from a yet unknown wiki’s sub-page URL

  • edit an existing page with an optional commit message

  • see a page’s history and compare versions

  • revert a page to a previous version.

ReStructured Text (ReST) formatted wikis benefit from CubicWeb’s powerful ReST directives that make it easy to query the database and display the resultset in a view (e.g. eid, rql, rql-table).

Present cube also adds a wiki directive, which can be used as in following example content:

This is a **formatted page content** with a link to

This displays a "subdirectory/page" text in the page, that links to URL
<current-page-url>/subdirectory/page, and which path in the Mercurial
repository is `<current-page-path>/subdirectory/page.rst`.

You can also specify a link text that is different from the page's URL
path. The URL path can be specified either from the wiki's root, like
:wiki:`/subdirectory/other:this one`, or relatively to the current page, like
:wiki:`current_page_sibling:this other one`.

Wiki setup

Currently, the easiest way to setup a new wiki is through the command line:

cubicweb-ctl new-vcwiki <instance-name> <wiki-name> <repo-path>

This creates a ReST formatted wiki named wiki-name from a pre-existing Mercurial repository located at repo-path on your disk in a pre-existing CubicWeb application instance named instance-name.

You will need the admin user login and password to use this.

An alternative is to use the web GUI, but it requires a few steps until now:

  1. The administrator must create a Repository entity and set its path attribute to a valid path to a Mercurial repository (which must be created beforehand).

  2. The administrator must add write permissions for the Repository, via the localperms cube (action available at the left of the screen).

  3. The administrator must perform a “Refresh repository” action, also available at the left of the screen.

  4. Create a VcWiki entity and set rst as default extension.

  5. You should be able to create your wiki homepage through the wiki homepage action on the left.

Note that the Wiki pages are available at an URL which has the following format:


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