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A personal HTTP server for serving one-time-use shell scripts

Project description

A personal HTTP server for serving one-time-use shell scripts.

You know all those docs for cool dev tools that start out by telling you to install their software in one line, like this?

bash <(curl -s

I call that a curl bomb… I don’t know if anyone else does.

This script is an HTTP server that will serve that script to a client exactly once and then quit. Yea, you could just use “python -m http.server”, really this is just a bit more than that.

Example Use

Serve a script stored in a file:

curlbomb /path/to/script

This outputs a curl command to run the script on another computer:

bash <(curl -H "X-knock: c19fed96a78844b982053448e44060f9")

You can also get the curl without the bomb by specifying –survey. This outputs just the inner curl command, which is useful for testing.

You can pipe scripts to stdin:

echo "pacman --noconfirm -S openssh && systemctl start sshd" | curlbomb

Or from shell scripts:

cat <<EOF | curlbomb
echo "I'm a script output from another script on another computer"

The shebang line is interpreted and automatically changes the curlbomb command:

cat <<EOF | curlbomb
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import this
print("Hello, from Python!")

Which outputs the following curlbomb, tailored for Python:

/usr/bin/env python3 <(curl -H "X-knock: 3b4bc96e29754238a30c286d1c8173c7")

You can switch to wget with -w:

$ echo "apt-get install curl" | curlbomb -w
Client command:

  bash <(wget -q -O - --header="X-knock: 5e5568bf44624e70a7490783acee150d")

Command Line Args

usage: [-h] [-k] [-n NUM_GETS] [-p PORT] [-q] [-c COMMAND] [-w]
                   [--ssl CERTIFICATE] [--mime-type MIME_TYPE] [--survey]


positional arguments:
  FILE                  File to serve (or don't specify for stdin)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -k, --disable-knock   Don't require authentication (no X-knock header)
  -n NUM_GETS           Number of times to serve resource (default:1)
  -p PORT               TCP port number to use (default:random)
  -q                    Be quiet
  -c COMMAND            The the shell command to curlbomb into (default is to
                        detect #!interpreter)
  -w                    Output wget command rather than curl
  --ssl CERTIFICATE     Use SSL with the given certificate
  --mime-type MIME_TYPE
                        The content type to serve
  --survey              Just a survey mission, no bomb run

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