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Simplified curses

Project description


 ______     __  __     ______     ______     ______     _____
/\  ___\   /\ \/\ \   /\  == \   /\  ___\   /\  ___\   /\  __-.
\ \ \____  \ \ \_\ \  \ \  __<   \ \___  \  \ \  __\   \ \ \/\ \
 \ \_____\  \ \_____\  \ \_\ \_\  \/\_____\  \ \_____\  \ \____-
  \/_____/   \/_____/   \/_/ /_/   \/_____/   \/_____/   \/____/

Simplified curses interface with concurrency, for quick and sane curses apps.

Allows easy creation of windows and menus. Code for each window runs concurrently.

Please see full documentation available here:

cursed was tested with Python 3.4 and 2.7, and depends on the Python package six for compatibility.


With pip, for the latest stable:

$ pip install cursed

Or from the project root directory:

$ python install



from cursed import CursedApp, CursedWindow

# the main context of the curses application
app = CursedApp()

# Derive from CursedWindow to declare curses windows to be created after
# It is required to declare X, Y, WIDTH, and HEIGHT for each window.
# You'll want to put the main looping code for each window thread in the `update` class function.

class MainWindow(CursedWindow):

    # Coordinate for top-left of window.
    X, Y = (0, 0)

    # WIDTH and HEIGHT can be 'max' or integers.
    WIDTH, HEIGHT = ('max', 'max')

    # Create a default border around the window.
    BORDERED = True

    def update(cls):
        ''' update runs every tick '''

        # Hello world printed at x,y of 0,0
        cls.addstr('Hello, world!', 0, 0)

        # Get character keycode of keypress, or None.
        if cls.getch() == 27:
            # Escape was pressed. Quit.
            # 'quit' must be triggered for each open window for the program to quit.
            # Call cls.trigger('quit') to quit the window you're in, and to quit the other
            # declared windows, call OtherWindow.trigger('quit') which will run in that
            # window's thread, regardless of where it's called.

# To trigger app to start
result =

# check if ctrl-C was pressed
if result.interrupted():
    # Raises an exception if any thread ran into a different exception.

Many more examples are available in the root of the repository at examples/

Release Notes

  • exposed gevent.sleep through a classmethod cls.sleep(seconds=0). This allows users to fix issues with long running update functions causing other windows to not respond.

  • Added a CursedWindow PAD, like the curses pad. This can have a huge width and height greater than the terminal width, but allow you to scroll around it. Useful for windows which need only display a smaller rectange of a larger window, like a map that scrolls around with arrow keys.

  • fixed the write and getstr classmethods, since they called _fix_xy twice

  • added info to menu example to explain addstr in update will overwrite menu display

  • added tons of documentation and examples

  • Better CursedMenu API

  • WIDTH or HEIGHT specified as ‘max’ will stretch to the full width or height of the terminal

  • patched issue with returning bytes in getstr

  • Implemented getstr

  • Fixed menu to fill up right side with whitespace

  • fixed menus stealing keypresses

  • left and right open menus to sides

  • refactored menus

  • implemented menus!

  • Project created

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