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Creates a custom color palette

Project description


Python package to create a custom color palette using Matplotlib's colors name, Matplotlib's Colormap, Hex color code or RGB color code.




  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib


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Reference Guide

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range(vmin, vmax, step)

    Creates a range of numbers that include the extreme values.

    vmin: int or float
        First value of sequence of numbers.

    vmax: int or float
        Last value of sequence of numbers.

    step: int or float
        Step used to create sequence of numbers between vmin and vmax.

    Return a numpy.ndarray with range of number between vmin and vmax.


creates_palette(Palette_Attr, extend='neither', lower_color=None, upper_color=None, nan_color=None)

    Creates a custom color palette from color list.

    Palette_Attr : list
        List that contains sublists with the characteristics of the
        colors that will be used to create a custom color palette.
        Each sublist must has three elements: [Colors, Limits, Stretch]

        Colors : list or Matplotlib's Colormap
            Defines the colors that will be used to create the
            palette. Colors must be a Matplotlib's Colormap,
            a list with Matplotlib's colors name,
            a list with Hex color code or
            a list with RGB color code.

        Limits : list or numpy.ndarray
            Defines the limits of each color of palette.

        Stretch : list, optional
            Optional list used to stretch the color palette
            in order to obtain colors from a specific region.
            Stretch must have 3 elements: [Values, Vini, Vfin]

            Values : list or numpy.ndarray
                Sequence of numbers that will be cut.

            Vini : int or float
                First value used to cut Values.

            Vfin : int or float
                Last value used to cut Values.

            If Stretch is defined, the number of colors between
            Vini and Vfin must be equal to Colors.

    extend : str, default 'neither'
        It is an optional parameter that is used to sets the extreme color of
        palette. The valid options are 'neither', 'min', 'max', and

    lower_color : str, tuple, or None, default None
        It defines lower color of palette.

    upper_color : str, tuple, or None, default None
        It defines upper color of palette.

    nan_color : str, tuple, or None, default None
        It defines color of nan values.

    Palette: object
        Custom color palette

    Ticks: list
        Limits of each color in the palette.

    Norm: class matplotlib.colors.BoundaryNorm
        Norm of limits of each color.

    Bounds: list
        List with limits of each colors of Palette, including the extend values.


You can install custom_color_palette on Python 2 or 3 on Linux, Windows or other, using the following commands.

Using PIP:

pip install custom-color-palette

From github with clone.

cd custom_color_palette
python install

Or also from github downloading and following the next commands.

cd custom_color_palette-master
python install

Check if package was installed

pip show custom-color-palette

Update to the latest version

pip install --upgrade custom-color-palette


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to:

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